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Thinking about Getting DAoC, Must I get all expansions?

I was thinking about this, and im fairly new to the idea of the game, but so far it looks like truly the best game on the market right now... so I thought of getting it, but seeing as there are 5 expansions im not sure about this now. So how does it work? Will installing each expansion give you more things to do in the game, or are there like expansion servers for each server or what? Basic question, if I just get DAoC will I have enough people to play with?


  • thelawoflogicthelawoflogic Member UncommonPosts: 760
  • VicAlonzoVicAlonzo Member UncommonPosts: 72

    Originally posted by xantho10

    Wow, ur such a helpful person....

    Seriously, if u wanna try Daoc try the trial on here, best way of deciding if u like it or not mate :)

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  • worldboy90worldboy90 Member Posts: 39
    your really not getting what im saying..  are there still players in only the REGULAR DAoC? Or has everyone moved on to an EXPANSION. Hopefully this makes it easier to answer.
  • SiphonsSiphons Member Posts: 445

    everyone has access to all the servers, expansions or not. the expansions really kick up the graphics though, I highly reccomend them once you save up some cash.

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  • DrAtomicDrAtomic Member Posts: 281

    Originally posted by worldboy90
    your really not getting what im saying..  are there still players in only the REGULAR DAoC? Or has everyone moved on to an EXPANSION. Hopefully this makes it easier to answer.

    This is what you need:

    1. Download the trial version (this has 4 expansions in it for which you donot need to pay).

    2. Buy the Catacombs expansion (hit cancel when asked for Trials of Atlantis expansion).

    3. Start playing on the servers with the Classic Ruleset (that's without the Trials of Atlantis expansion but with all the latest goodness the last expansion (Catacombs) brought.

    4. Be prepared to level up to around at least 37 (and play in Molvik the level 35-39 battleground) before making final judgement. I'm saying this because Daoc is exactly the opposite from World of Warcraft which is huge fun to start with and then slowly becomes a bore. Daoc starts as a bore (somewhat) and gets better the further you get, with the end game being a permanent addiction.

    5. Have tons of fun!

  • threetwosixthreetwosix Member UncommonPosts: 85

    There is still alot to do in the main DAoC zones.  Especially on the new classic servers.  Once you reach max level, most of your time will be spent in the frontiers (RvR) which is a free expansion.  If you get the catacombs expansion, it will provide you with an excellent way to gain XP and cash.

    I agree with the previous poster.  I would suggest getting the trial.  If you like the trial, pick up the original and catacombs expansion.  Play on the classic server so everyone will be ToA-less.  After a while, you can decide whether or not you want to pick up Shrouded Isles.

    Good Luck and I'm sure you will enjoy the game.


  • DinionDinion Member Posts: 879

    Does the trial let you play the new classes introduced by catacombs?

    Edit: and I've asked this before but if I play on the classical server is there any need to buy ToA expansion?

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  • ClawsysClawsys Member Posts: 109

    Not really a need to buy toa if you play on classic, join Gareth and join Demonic Angels, I'll help you out, my name there is Auel :)

  • baroobaroo Member Posts: 15

    No, but if you did - your game play world would be much larger.

  • JulianDracosJulianDracos Member UncommonPosts: 1,528

    1.  The trial includes SI

    2.  You do not need to have ToA to play on the classic servers.

    3.  You will not have catacombs classes or zones with the trial

    4.  If you can find the original game, do not bother buying it.  Buy the plat edition and catacombs.  The original game will need to be updated a huge amount and will be missing SI and ToA.

    5.  You might want to change servers later so you should go ahead are get the plat edition so you will have ToA.

    6.  Some people have lag problems with catacombs running on old systems so they use the ToA client in RvR.  Another reason to have that expansion. 

    7.  In order to play the game you only need the original game and SI.  They no longer support the original game and gave SI away for free to those who needed it.  The trial includes SI. 

  • BladinBladin Member UncommonPosts: 1,089

    You will hate the PvE game without catacombs. After playing daoc pve then wow pve then daoc pve+cata i can seriously say that i could not play daoc without catacombs. If it was never made i dont think i could ever play the game again(since im one of those rare people who like pve and pvp)


  • jaw30jaw30 Member Posts: 8

    If you buy the Platinum edition of DAOC, you get the classic game, Shrouded Isles, and Trials of Atlantis.

    New Frontiers was a free expansion.

    You would only be missing Catacombs, which is a fairly necessary expansion, since it allows for alternatives to the "find a camp, kill it off, move, find another camp, etc" type of grinding. Instanced dungeons are level-specific and offer decent xp rewards upon completion of the tasks.

    So... Platinum Edition + Catacombs = you have everything available until next expansion pack arrives around Christmas.

    If only they'd have come up with the classic ruleset servers BEFORE I had leveled up to 50 and started to acquire artifacts, I might still be playing the game. Or if they had a classic ruleset server where I could have transferred my level 50 guy...

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