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Newbie Guide for quick start

Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,174
edited May 2017 in Darkfall: Rise of Agon
UI in Darkfall is excellent but learning curve can be a bit complicated as there are a lot of possibilities. What works the best is what is easiest to use and fastest for you so that you do not have to look down while playing. I highly recommend a gaming keyboard but a regular one works too.

For a regular keyboard and default controls I recommend these changes asap from the beginning:


(if you would like to be primarily an archer... you may want to make the bow closer than 8 but most people are focusing on spells first)

Recall to the capital city by pressing the middle recall button on the bottom of your minimap while your weapon is sheathed.

When you get there talk to every NPC and pick up all of the title quests...

(optional.. you can stick to 1 handed if you want to, that is the only weapon allowed to use while mounted)

Buy a 2 handed melee weapon for extra melee from the fighter or change the starting weapon at him by swapping the bow for a 2 handed weapon of your choice. You may either do the dungeon quest (make sure to bank first but you will need regs to cast spells) or recall to your starting city by pressing the left recall button on the bottom of your mini map.

There are quest chains at every new city in the starting area.

Put leafblade sword on 3 and when you get a shield immediate drag the shield onto that box containing the sword... you will want to drag the spell mana missile on the same button as the staff

1 - 2hd weapon (whirlwind when you get it)
2 - staff and damage spells (mana missile to start)
3 - 1hd and shield
4 - mana to stamina spell, melee power attacks, and stamina potions
5 - heal self, knockback attacks, (and witches brew when you unlock it)
6 - stamina to health, disabling blows, and health potions
7 - health to mana, disabling blows, and mana potions
8 - bow
9 - mount
0 - food (always.. and I mean ALWAYS have food on you and eat it while fighting)

Click twice and you drink a potion in emergency. Depending on the weapon you have equipped, different buttons do different things.

First goal:

Get your lesser magic to 50 and unlock greater magic at the capital city mage!

Get your primary melee to skill 25 and unlock disabling blow, knockback, and power attack. (sieze? meh)

Get your greater magic to 25 to unlock witchcraft (witchesbrew at 35) and spell chanting (sacrifice)

Get your greater magic to 50 to unlock Begone and level that to 50 as fast as possible for fast escapes when you start to lose a battle.

Unlock the next magic school of your choice when greater magic reaches 50.. focus on one school primarily.


Good luck and welcome to Darkfall!

This is the Rise of Agon!!

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