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Grand Company Platoon, 4.1 patch.

Soki123Soki123 Member RarePosts: 2,558
Am I reading it right where I can take my platoon into dungeons with me, or is it just sending them in?


  • YaevinduskYaevindusk Member RarePosts: 2,094
    edited May 2017
    It has been mentioned that you will be able to bring them with you.  Though it will likely be done in such a way as to no interfere with the duty finder process.  My guess is that they will have a few different systems -- as they normally do -- that support this aspect.  Maybe be a part of "active" training missions that you can get special items from, but ultimately none of the normal dungeon items or duty rewards or experience (save for platoon experience).

    At the start, they'll likely only have ARR dungeons available for platoon deployment; since you first get your platoon at level 46 (and they start at level 1), the dungeons may just prove to be another way to gain experience with them, as well as whatever else they add as incentive to do such.  By the time you acquire them, you'll likely already have done all ARR dungeons as is.  It may even be a requirement for higher ranks (for both you and your squadron), similar to how you had to do a few special missions in addition to acquiring seals.

    The assumption is that they'll also buff roulette bonuses (they already mentioned buffing Adventurer in need) and maybe add a few more things to that to further encourage working together rather than using your squad (if they don't have any restrictions or separate them already in terms of their use and reward structure).
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    Also, I thoroughly enjoy debates and have accounts on over a dozen sites for this.  If you wish to engage in such, please put effort in a post and provide sources -- I will then do the same with what I already wrote (if I didn't) as well as with my responses to your own.  Expanding my information on a subject makes my stance either change or strengthen the next time I speak of it or write a thesis.  Allow me to thank you sincerely for your time.
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