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Board Games! Your top 5, wish list and recommendations.

WalkinGlennWalkinGlenn Member RarePosts: 360
edited May 2017 in Off-Topic Discussion
For the purpose of this, deck builders like Dominion will be consideres board games too.

In no particular order...

Mage Knight
Shadows over Camelot
Ticket to Ride

Wish list
Thunderstone Advance: Numeneria
Terraforming Mars

Recommendation: Dominion

If you like card games or a mtg player i definetly recomment Dominion. Its a great deck builder with lots of different play configurations. Excellent two player game as well! It looks more difficult that it really is and after a few turns you'll be feeling pretty comfortable with the game. I play with my 9 year old and she loves it too. I have my eye on a couple of the expansions,  just haven't pulled the trigger yet.

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