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's added to posts when editing

QuarterStackQuarterStack Member RarePosts: 432

I'm sure this has been noticed by others, since I've been seeing it for a very long time now, but the post editor on this site seems to add an extra 2 <br> tags to a post when ever it's edited. So even though I'm typing up my posts with a single space between paragraphs, when it posts, there's 3 or 4 spaces instead. When I click edit, I see <br><br><br><br> at the end of every paragraph. Edit them out, and it puts them right back in.

I just fixed a post (unless I edit it again anyway) and found I had to remove <br>'s altogether. Saving the post made the editor put them back in. Saved again, and it seems to be appearing correctly now.

Anyway, I'm fairly certain that's not expected behavior. Couldn't imagine why it would be. So.. maybe something to fix, eventually? Like I said, it's been that way for a while.


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 21,832
    Great job on your thread title.
  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,313
    Yes the html coding has been borked since day1,a very long time at this point and still not fixed.
    I was just reading a thread today and two people had their posts borked as a huge wall of text.

    Effort on this site is often slack,as we have also seen threads created without making sure the embedded links work,so not even the effort to click the link once to make sure,yep a real slack effort.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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