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This is half serious, is this game a plea from the Chinese and their children?

hatefulpeacehatefulpeace Member UncommonPosts: 621
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I have played many RPGS before, not so much Chinese ones. This games story, I know I am prolly one of the few who actually read the whole thing anyways, is literally like 90 percent of the time about food. Is this like either Chinese propaganda, where they are trying to replace the urge to eat, with playing a video game, or is it like a plea from the Chinese to please help them get more food? I have never played a western MMO where the story focuses on food so much, I mean yeah rpgs have food in them, but it is such a minority I cant even recall any rpg with the story focusing on food. 

I just found it amusing that the story focuses so much on food haha, and I am always reading about how the Chinese are over populated and starving, maybe that is just propaganda, and they really aren't, or maybe this is Chinese propaganda to the USA, to put a imagine of very well feed Chinese people haha. Yeah I really have no facts on any of this, dont make a conspiracy theory out of it, cause it literally is all garbage information ahha. Well minus the part the story really is like 90 percent about food. There is some death in there 2, and something about gods. 

I gotta also wonder now who the hell wrote this thing. I mean my character by default came as a little girl, it took me like 20 mins of tweaking the settings to get it to look like a adult. The default animation of this character, is it bends over every like every 10 mins, and when it runs and stops it bends over again. The story when you get to the city starts fine. Then BAM child molester play book haha. 

You are eating fish, some little girl, or some Chinese version of a little girl with big tits, but any ways is suppose to be a little girl in the game, comes out of no where. Then 2 huge men come out, and like beat the crap out of her, and look like they are gonna rape her. You and that weird guy that falls, and eats food end up  saving  her. Then he takes you to a fish, and it like tries to attack the little girl, which you kill. So the guy says lets go to the bar, so you go to the bar, and he gives the little girl liquor. Then he takes you to a cloths shop, and buys, the only thing i can describe as a little school girl hooker out fit. WHAT THE F seriously . I was really enjoying this game and the combat system, the old school trinty classes, multi control system, what looked like great pve, stat system, ect ect, but I dono if I can just condone shit like this, I mean I don't know much about China, but damn if this isn't a child molester game I dono what is. Man and than some crazy 7 foot tall fish dude comes in and starts hitting on her. What is that, to make you think its normal to dress a 10 year old up in a hooker out fit, and hit on her. 
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  • TheocritusTheocritus Member LegendaryPosts: 9,815
    I havent played a MMO where you gained levels for doing absolutely nothing as much as you do in this one....its an insult really....people complain about grinding out levels but being handed them for no reason is an evem bigger joke.
  • GolelornGolelorn Member RarePosts: 1,395
    I dunno if you watch anime, but there is a huge focus on food. People are always hungry, and eating everything. Honestly, not sure how much anime is from China or Japan. But... US/Canada pretty much the same. That's how I view it.
  • hatefulpeacehatefulpeace Member UncommonPosts: 621

    I havent played a MMO where you gained levels for doing absolutely nothing as much as you do in this one....its an insult really....people complain about grinding out levels but being handed them for no reason is an evem bigger joke.

    Guess you Never played black desert online than. 
  • time007time007 Member UncommonPosts: 1,062
    yeah, ive found asian storylines to make very little sense.  sense as in, why did they put this in there.  i can follow along, i just dont see why its written like that or the objective of doing stuff, like you mentioned of them eating fish, buying stupid stuff.  

    honestly, its probably to kill time.  they probably dont invest much money on writers.  but yeah, its ridiculous.  the food thing, i dunno, i guess asian ppl find food SUPER interesting. same thing about little tiny characters.  asian guys probably have huge fetishes of little characters etc.  

    then again, lets look at the opposite end of the spectrum like star wars, where everything is a freaking cutscene, and all the commercials hype the game up and show 95% cutscenes where one way or the other u think the game looks like a movie, but in reality it does not hehehe.  

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