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Darkfall: Release The Hype!



  • SomethingUnusualSomethingUnusual Member UncommonPosts: 546

    Dullahan said:

    kishe said:

    Help lazy person...is there a list for whats the difference between this,the other version and the old darkfall?

    Depending on who you are and what the original version of Darkfall meant to you will determine if Rise of Agon or New Dawn will appeal to you.

    Rise of Agon:

    • United States server
    • No local banking
    • Bindstone/House recall and portal chambers
    • Increased Rays usage (magma and inferno don't share cooldowns)
    • Increased Bunny Hopping (to possibly escape zergs)
    • Meditation points can be purchased with Gold (control how fast you progress with money)

    New Dawn: 

    • European server
    • Focusing on Racial Warfare (Territory Control)
    • Less Macroing (100% global cooldown on rays, R50's, R100 ect...) 
    • Severe nerf on bunny hopping
    • Faster running speed
    • Meditation points reward from quests only (Control how fast you progress with Quests: cannot be a red player)

    If you are a Darkfall vet then New Dawn probably won't appeal to you. If you are new to Darkfall or didn't like Bunny Hopping and macroing aspects of the game then Rise of Agon wont appeal to you. Rise of Agon is staying true to the original version of the game and making improvements to keep Darkfall as it is. New Dawn is Darkfall with improvements that are adding features the game that similar the mechanics in EvE/DaoC.

    There is no more macroing in Darkfall Rise of Agon. I do use one though for having the same button pull out a sword/shield and also be able to do whirlwind with it. Macroing is gone in Darkfall, but might exist more in New Dawn beta actually? Sure they will fix it though.

    Being able to use every spell is pretty damn cool though. No longer is it macroing, easily done, and built into the games UI now.

    New Dawn has had a weapon bar in their beta for almost a year. It's a separate hotbar for weapons and tools. You also automatically equip the right weapons depending on the ability you're using, and selecting a skill also automatically causes you to wield your weapons. New Dawn is way ahead in pretty much every way, but I'm sure Rise of Agon will continue to follow their lead.

    Rise of Agon has built in weapon switching too. Right click a hotkey and click the little gear. If there's a weapon in the slot you can set it to select a hotbar on selection etc. Pretty much a macro system built into the hotbars, too much to make a tutorial about without taking pages. 
  • FullLootPvpFullLootPvp Member UncommonPosts: 52
    Quite old in RoA as well, just found this vid about.. has been polished in the meanwhile as well a lot more ;)

  • TupssTupss Member Posts: 4
    Darkfall Online is the best game I ever played, that's why I'm back to RoA!

    I'm playing RoA since launch and I'm having great times :D
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