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Old School, Battlecruisers, and Forums, oh my!

BodyARTBodyART Member UncommonPosts: 14
I am a bit of a David Allen fanboy, only for what his original vision of Horizons was before it was...not was. :)  Alganon had me for its harkening to old school MMORPG-ing prior to Davie boy getting the ol' boot again, and my realizing the game had issues making it not worth playing at the time.  Enter Derek Smart to be the Champion for Quest.  Well..I have issues with this man and releasing not ready for release games just to get his money back...there's a fine line between integrity and recouping one's monetary investmant.  but honestly, I am just Lamenting the fate of Battlecruiser 3000ad and Universal Combat, and what those games could have been.  I so wanted to love Universal combat, and actually DID love Battlecruiser after his pre-release patch round.  I have to say... I kinda like Derek's longevity with Alganon, and the fact the game is still around.  so...mainly because of THAT.... 7 years later and it still is afloat after a rocky start with an infamous lead dev and an infamous saviour, I wanna give it a final try when I have nothing else I wanna play.Plus, looking at Derek's past forum activities, he's quite the colorful character when it comes to debates and just "letting loose" with his opinion.  hehe.  He's not the best friend time for me, But I'd buy him a pint.

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