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Combat style for Pantheon

Curt2013Curt2013 Member UncommonPosts: 66
Real quick a little about myself. My first mmo was eqoa which I absolutely loved, most can relate how our first mmo love steals a permanent place in the heart. Played very little eq for the pc and many many wonderful hours of Vanguard.

I would like some opinions / feedback, thoughts whatever on the combat system for Pantheon. From what has been shown on the developer streams the combat seams very slow with minimal tactics involved?  I get that its pre pre alpha as they call it and its probably not realistic to speculate on the system there aiming for, but from what we've seen what do ya'll think. 

The good so far to me is the combat does resemble the Vanguard feel. I notice there is an offensive target which is really cool like Vanguard, and the need to use cc, check plus for that. 

So on to some questions, is the game trying to play like a vanguard / eq mix... is there going to be ability cool downs of 1 second or maybe less? Are we going to be able to strategically place abilities in macros? What is the purpose of downtime for example I noticed healers / casters constantly squatting to regain mana. Granite I don't want an endless supply of mana either. Are casters going to be compensated compared to melee for the need to regen?

Also on a side note has there been any mention on gear effects like energy / damage / health proccs on  breastplates / shields or weapons. Is there going to be a large variety of armor models available...

Anyways thanks for the input and extremely looking forward to Terminus.
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