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DragnelusDragnelus Member RarePosts: 2,167
edited April 2017 in The Pub at MMORPG.COM
Joined the come back event in ffxiv, reached lvl 55 on AST. Too bad I cant try wow :( Got a max holy paladin. 

What got the best pve content in your opinion for healers?! 


  • ThebeastttThebeasttt Member RarePosts: 1,079
    For me it's not even close. Healing in ffxiv was one of the most boring experiences of my life.
  • RenoakuRenoaku Member RarePosts: 2,501
    FFXIV IMO is more fun as far as healing, WOW is nothing but sit back and press buttons you can even use an Addon or bot to do this with wow which violates the TOS obviously, but even with Add-ons it can pretty much completely tell you Who to heal first, and what skills to use everything even by clicking a button will heal and cast Cleanse and such automatically  just by clicking a target....

    Most Raids require you to use this and so I find it boring, as well as the game being so outdated with Character Models and everything.
  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member EpicPosts: 3,855
    edited April 2017
    I wouldn't say healing FFXIV is boring since you are required to do dps as a healer (tank as well) on the hardest content (which is savage raids) but WoW definitely has healing and tanking beat due to how well each class flows and of course you can dps on healer in wow as well but its not always required as an added gimmick like it is in XIV. Plus pve content is less obsolete in WoW vs XIV. People think that XIV getting updates everything 3 months makes the game fresh and new but honestly each update pretty much makes the previous one obsolete (content is definitely obsolete every other patch). Guess its the nature of the beast though. Plus WoW offers you a lot more vanity rewards in game for clearing various content as opposed to XIV which puts a large chunk of vanity in their CS every month. The only 2 things XIV does better than WoW imo is that you have the ability to do everything and level everything on a single character and its graphics are superior obviously.
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  • DragnelusDragnelus Member RarePosts: 2,167
    edited April 2017

    For me it's not even close. Healing in ffxiv was one of the most boring experiences of my life.

    Yeh, I must say while the ast cards are random as **** its nice to give buffs and heal! 

    But with stormblood coming and wont be left behind if I start now. In wow im afraid I cant find groups, and dunno how hard it is to gear. When I started at launch my hpala was high geared but my videocard died and needed repair for a month. After that I cba logging back cause of Artifact Traits and gear lost :(

    Edit: I remember it still clear! It was the day the raids came, I found a guild was in the main team logged in to do the new raid. And peeepppppp... 
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  • PhryPhry Member EpicPosts: 9,122
    FFXIV:ARR, still think of all the healing classes in all the MMO's out there, Scholar is the best and most interesting healer type to play, more so than White Mage imo. B)
  • ShaiapoufShaiapouf Member UncommonPosts: 51
    edited April 2017
    The two of them are really vastly different beasts. WoW healing is more about constantly healing, keeping your mana up, and has a lot more 'unavoidable' damage for people to take to keep healers...well...healing, and on their toes.

    Conversely, a lot of FFXIV, if your allies are good, they will take very little 'unavoidable' damage, and Tanks will only really have to worry about Tank Busters or pulling massive amounts of enemies, while you have a very high regular output of healing. This leads to a healer having more to do as opposed to simply spamming "Low cost heal" over and over as opposed to WoW, but can definitely lead to where you feel more akin to another DPS if everyone else is good aside from the hardest content (Not an altogether insignificant amount of DPS either, mind.)

    So it really does come down to personal preference. If all you want to do is heal? WoW. You're almost never expected to -really- do any damage, as their healing output is a -lot- lower than FFXIV, and people will just get hit randomly for high spikes of damage. If you want to be more active, skirting the line of keeping the Tank -just- healed enough, while still doing mechanics, damage, and a more active role...FFXIV is the way to go.

    To note though, the WoW notes are in its ideal form. In practice its quite something of a different beast...namely, theres been multiple times in which healers are basically...superfluous. Not sure if it still happens, but I know people used to actually go 1 Tank, 4 DPS, and use Out of Combat regen food as it was quite simply easier to just burst enemies down, and regen all of their HP with Fighter Chow running to the next mobs than take a healer along, and open world content (Besides World Bosses), healers are entirely unneeded, meaning as a pure healer, its mainly just high level Mythic+ Dungeons and Raids that you'll -really- be a healer.

    (Side note on gearing in WoW, its super duper easy to gear up now in Legion. You can do world quests to essentially get you Raid ready very easily, and gamble shards from daily quests to actually get Raid level gear, to say nothing of Legendaries. Biggest timesink will be Artifact traits, which will need Artifact Knowledge and time to really catch up.)
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  • DragnelusDragnelus Member RarePosts: 2,167
    edited April 2017
    Refunded WoW sub, was setting everything up (addons) downloaded vudho assigned mouseclicks for spells. Sigh noticed my middlemouse button is dead -_-

    So for now I will play ffxiv, cause I dont need it for healing there, cant do it without in WoW.
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  • AkulasAkulas Member UncommonPosts: 2,120
    FFXIV because you have to move around where WoW you just stand there and spam the heal button.

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  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Member RarePosts: 9,522
    if you want fun and exciting healing

    I would guess my answer would be ESO

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  • cheyanecheyane Member EpicPosts: 4,982
    I found it more challenging in FFXIV for sure it was rather boring to heal in WoW after awhile on my priest. FFXIV the battles even the lower level dungeons demanded a lot from me.
  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 8,880
    edited April 2017
    I don't play dedicated healers because i'm not a big fan of the traditional heavy trinity enforcement. However, I love to play clases that have some form of healing so i can keep myself alive and help people here and there while doing my own thing. That's why Shaman is my favorite class in WoW, so that's my vote.

    Considering healers in FFXIV were restricted to healing roles only, i found healing to be really unsatisfying, too restricted and with zero versatility. Probably because of how skills work in FFXIV which try to simulate a hybrid between mmo and traditional FF combat. Not sure if they changed that with or after Heavensward. It felt more like an annoyance than a challenge IMO.
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  • SephirosoSephiroso Member UncommonPosts: 1,381
    Healing in FFXIV consists of doing as much damage as you possibly can. That's it.

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  • Jill52Jill52 Member UncommonPosts: 84
    edited April 2017
    I have a feeling this will become another one of those kinds of polls where it's more about fandom for a product than the actual question being asked. Coke vs. Pepsi, AMD vs. Intel, PS4 vs. Xbox One, Android vs. iPhone, etc.

    I've played as a raid healer in WoW (pre-cataclysm era) and didn't quite care for it. My guild required healers to use an addon to manage healing and I spent the entire raid watching health bars and pressing my heal buttons when needed. My guild (a hardcore raiding guild) would get mad if a healer would cast any dps spell ("You're wasting mana!" "Just heal!!").

    I can't say much about healing in FFxiv just yet since I haven't gotten to the end game. Comparing early game healing (quest parties and lowbie dungeons) I'm going to say it's a tie (with FFxiv having a slight edge since parties seem more okay with it when you do more than just spam heals on them).

    Since I haven't played WoW recently enough (perhaps things changed?) and haven't experienced endgame healing in FFxiv yet, I'm going to refrain from casting a poll vote.
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  • DragnelusDragnelus Member RarePosts: 2,167
    Middle mouse buttom works again, so im subbed for both atm. I like both my ast and hpala. Done emerald lfr, hope I can finnd a normal raid soon. My ast is 56 atm need to farm dungeons to reach lvl 57 for mquests. Must say it feels like ppl in wow are more social, they always talk when jn dungeons in ffxiv they only say {hello} and {bye}

  • VelifaxVelifax Member UncommonPosts: 385
    I'm afraid I've only healed in WoW and what i saw of FF was basically WoW but with fewer buttons inn the rotation. I only played to the teen levels though.
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