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Dark and Light Concept Art and Gifs 4/14/2017 Balrog, Elephants, Cave System, Floating Islands, +++

SerMedievalSerMedieval Member UncommonPosts: 83
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^ The BALROG!!!! Real and Confirmed to be in-game by Horsejoke - 4/13/2017 (Can't wait to see that)

Cave System GIF:

Elephants: Might be able to mount these as well according to the RU DnL Community: VK (Unconfirmed)

Environmental Design of Dark and Light

Floating Island Design

Mountain Formations

Ruins of the Sacred Path

Weather Spells:

The Horses of Dark and Light:

Horse Charge:


Mount Bash:

Original Map Concept Art (May play a part in the current design):

Elven Kingdom:

City of Estel:

Pegasus Transformation:

Current Map of Dark and Light:

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  • SerMedievalSerMedieval Member UncommonPosts: 83

    Even more screenshots!

    Ride or Die:

    Forge time:

    Building a base:

    Sleeping on the job:

    Do not try this at home:


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