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Current State of the Game

ShinamiShinami Member UncommonPosts: 781
Server (Shard): Darkfall
Status: The server "age" allows for reaching level 69.
Update: Today we are getting Fairy Funland

Translation: There are still parts in this game still in Mandarin, while translation is not 1 : 1 with game mechanics: 
Example: Entering the Crafting Menu lists "Experience Points" while the Crafting Bubbles in the Crafting Books list "Knowledge" 
Example: Some places in-game still speak of Vigor and Intelligence, when it was renamed to Diligence and Inspiration.

Gameflow Opinions: 
PvE: A player running on +8 Synthesized Gear at the 4X level, with fully awakened gear and PvE Marks, along with Item Buffs is capable of surviving Grand Bulwark Expert Mode 2* - 3* as long as players have their cultivations (at least 30 points) and path breakthroughs completed.

PvP: This is truly P2W at the current tier as most are staying on for PvP (level 60 - 69). You will see players who have fully crafted gear who have recrafted gear to get epic stats and have everything piece of gear maxed out. In fact, it had been calculated at $350 - $500 per character the Aurum Costs to be competitive. 

However, a player can wait and hope to have Guardian Synthesized Gear in the long term to skip through such reckless spending. 

I used to be part of a top guild in-game until I ran into a player in a daily run, who gave me a compelling argument without being an ass. That caused me to leave the guild and no longer care about PvP in revelation online, but I will PvP to complete my quests. 
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