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Leaks 'Lead to Misunderstandings & Misconceptions' ~ R.Amiel - Secret World Legends -



  • JudgeUKJudgeUK Member RarePosts: 1,686
    I remember looking forward to a MMO taking place in a modern setting and I was eager to try modern weapons in that set up. I really liked the world theme and quests, but the combat was very dull imo. It didn't seem to matter much which weapons you chose. This also weakened the skill choices I think. The combat made me grow bored with the game.

    So I am glad that they are going to rework combat and hope it will become much more action oriented with a noticable punch in combat.

    I just hope that they won't keep Agartha as main hub (if the source is correct about this anyway), because that place is boring and would feel too disconnected from the rest imo. The main cities are too awesome to neglect.
    I'm with you on this. At least they are doing something in an effort to revamp things.
    Now I fully appreciate that whatever they did would not be to everyone's taste, and this isn't a relaunch, it's TSW themed new game.
    Maybe it's a bad move, but hopefully a good one. We'll see when the full launch hits. I'm ok with them taking time on a few beta's, closed & open, to make sure they get it as good as possible.

    Taking a positive approach. The western environment needs successes, otherwise we'll just get drowned out by the raft of awful eastern ports.
  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    Sorry, but it's like a summary of all the false stuff roaming around the last week... maybe the only spot-on line is this:

    Listen, I get it.  Many of its loyal players feel betrayed because they liked the way TSW was and they would have like the game to stay virtually the same
    Sure, compared to the death of the game, even the stationary maintenance mode would be a better pick.

    So, let's jump onto it, "...and therefore sabotaging SWL before it has even released." can't speak for others but I don't care about Legends. Won't play it, so it's irrelevant to me (not entirely, as said before I hope it won't flop in the first few months, so I can pass over my GM :wink: ). I'm only speaking about TSW and the community. Which leads to the here and there scattered

    "The consensus has always been ", and "I think most will agree", and "all we have heard is players repeatedly complaining" ... nope. There were those who are fine with the game, and there were the "complainers" (nicely put :wink: ). And there was a clear distinction between the two groups, the former played the game, the latter not, so Funcom gave a flying to their complaints, rightfully so, might I add. Did that till a week ago.

    (and I don't say there weren't valid complaints about the game from the actual players, especially with the Scenarios and the AEGIS system. Guess what, both of those are in Legends too. Which also tells how little they care now after this switch to the voices of their existing community, and chasing the favors of their new one... heck, some of the changes are literally like addressing the amusing and totally clueless #peonrage :lol: )

    "It's not like Funcom suddenly dropped a whammy and changed the game without advanced notice.  Funcom has advertised they would be changing TSW, in a big way, for a long time now.  Everyone knew changes were coming."
    This was maybe the biggest BS in the post... unless "long time" for you means a month, of course.
    All through the last year, up till the point they've stopped communicating with the community and went into radio silence last December, it was about something new and great coming for the game, a large content update, Season 2 even. Never mentioned anything else, no changes in mechanics, definitely no combat changes, and for a new game with the death of the old one... lol no.
    Who would stay in the game then, and give them the money, right? So yeah, that whole year you can chalk up under the section "Lies".

    And after that date in December, they haven't "advertised they would be changing TSW" either, since there was no communication with the community for months.
    Then came 27th Feb, with the finance report, where the concerns and uproar started to rise - still no communication from Funcom, but the community found it disturbing that the word "content" is nowhere in the report, just combat changes and such. Where's the large, promised content update, right?
    And then 1 more month of silence, then a sudden morning a week ago with TSW homepage redirected, on gaming sites TSW renamed to Legends (but kept the old reviews and scores, very sneaky marketing move, FC...), and a letter that game is axed and Legends is the new shiny.

    So, in a nutshell, it's not about sabotaging the hype train, it's about how they f.cked over their most loyal community, and how they've killed their best game. AoC community could've warn them TSW players, but it's true that they've treated TSW much better - no surprise, their income leaned heavily on TSW.
    That is why hit the community this hard, that FC screwed them over night, as soon as they got the financial breathing space from Exiles. It was a sucker punch, even for those who knows them for long.
    I personally expected the maintenace mode for TSW, now that the finances are fixed. Apparently I had higher hopes in FC than the reality, well, people make mistakes...

    I mean, it was obvious that they treat TSW this friendly not out of goodwill but of necessity, still... screwing a community (one of the bests out there, maybe only LotRO's pre-transfer RP servers could've been a match) this royally... I guess even the NGE folks can raise the hat for that.

    (and the BS of "either this or shutdown, game wasn't profitable, bla bla" was already covered earlier, and this post is already too long :lol: )
  • QuarterStackQuarterStack Member RarePosts: 546
    edited April 2017

    i like tsw but feel these changes will not be enough to win new players but might offend some of the old ones... they probably should rather have developped a TSW2 but lack the money to do's kinda a shame the TSW world is really fantastic.

    The one thing i never understood about TSW is why it is so god damn hardware hungry.

    That's what I'm thinking. They're bringing sweeping changes that no one was asking for, which may well alienate long-time players who supported and kept the game going for all these years, while failing to bring in sufficient new players to make the change worthwhile.

    Funcom has a history of making bad or plain bizarre decisions with their games, going back to AO... or failing to execute well on good decisions.

    Improved animations, graphics and such is all things that could have been done to the existing game... So many people have said the poor combat animations are really all that kept them away, but they loved the game otherwise. Others have said the graphics didn't look good to them, otherwise they loved it. And of course, those already playing the game they/we had would have appreciated those improvements.

    Instead, they decided "nope, we have to do a whole new game to appeal to a lower common denominator".

    As it stands, from what I saw in a livestream they did, plus things they're looks very much like what they're showing/saying, and what they're actually *doing* are two different things.

    Example, they keep saying "People who like the current game can continue playing!". What they were less open, even elusive about, was that all new content would only be coming to the new game, not to the current one. So a more accurate, honest announcement would have been "If you want to stay in the current game, which is now static and will never grow any further, you can... but all the cool new stuff will be in the new game.... 'cause that's *really* where we want you".

    It's a bit like pissing down our necks, while telling us it's raining.
  • unfilteredJWunfilteredJW Member RarePosts: 392
    edited April 2017

    Kyleran said:

    Rawiz said:

    Why not save all of the negative criticism for SWL's eventual release?  Let's tell it like it is.  All we have here, and in every other thread regarding SWL, is a bunch of malcontents who are unhappy about the manner in which Funcom is making this revamp and therefore sabotaging SWL before it has even released.

    <snip rest of bs>.
    Oh, yes. Let's just save it to release when people could buy it without reading any negative criticism? What's your fc name?
    Also disregarding those who spent 5 years on their characters is first ever in the mmo scene.

    Er...I believe its going to be F2P game....

    It's tough to think with a rage/gate boner.

    I'm a MUDder. I play MUDs.

    Current: Dragonrealms

  • laseritlaserit Member LegendaryPosts: 7,591
    DMKano said:
    this is damage control. Apparenly what Funcom said about changing combat from "ground up" was simply untrue.

    This Reddit leak probably saved a lot of people $30-$100 and lost Funcom a lot of sales.

    But thats what happens when you overpromise and underdeliver.
    And here I thought the game is supposed to be F2P

    Silly me ;)

    "Be water my friend" - Bruce Lee

  • laseritlaserit Member LegendaryPosts: 7,591
    Rawiz said:

    Why not save all of the negative criticism for SWL's eventual release?  Let's tell it like it is.  All we have here, and in every other thread regarding SWL, is a bunch of malcontents who are unhappy about the manner in which Funcom is making this revamp and therefore sabotaging SWL before it has even released.

    <snip rest of bs>.
    Oh, yes. Let's just save it to release when people could buy it without reading any negative criticism? What's your fc name?
    Also disregarding those who spent 5 years on their characters is first ever in the mmo scene.
    News Flash

    Its releasing as F2P

    "Be water my friend" - Bruce Lee

  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,479
    I am not allowed to say whether or not I am downloading the beta right now
  • mysticmousemysticmouse Member UncommonPosts: 146
    I will hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
  • EhllfhireEhllfhire Member UncommonPosts: 633
    The game will fail miserably, already I know most players are not going to bother with this bullshite.

    Any graphical, audio, or gameplay restrictions not seen in other mmos but found in FFXIV can be blamed on one thing.

  • Hravn_the_BullHravn_the_Bull Member CommonPosts: 3

    they said they want to add Tokyo but I'v heard no plans on extending the story, so this also marks the end of the storyline, without even saying it?

    The final issue, no more issues.

    Re:The Whispering Tide (pre Tokyo) and Tokyo content release... On episode 218 (late March) of Holosuite Media's "Beyond the Veil" stream on Twitch, Romain Amiel aka Tilty, Game Director for Secret World Legends talked about the relaunch of SWL... stated that Tokyo and the event that leads into it will be in Legends within the first six months after re-release bc the content is already there. See this link for the episode:

    From the Funcom SWL FAQ: "Will all content be available in game at launch?
    We will be relaunching with the original 8 adventure playfields, scenarios, and dungeons. In the weeks/months after the relaunch we will be releasing Tokyo, Nightmare Dungeons, Raids, and the rest of the content that is current live in The Secret World."

    Also from the FAQ: "Will you continue developing new content for Secret World Legends?"
    We have plans to create all-new story-driven content for Secret World Legends in the future, which we’ll be able to discuss in more detail after the relaunch of the game.

    Re: Beyond Tokyo... MJ Guthrie on Massively interviewed Amiel too (April 2017) and stated,
    "In discussing updates, Amiel shared that the team has very aggressive release plans after launch. Throughout the interview he spoke many times about how much the team wants to continue the story, and the focus is the story, so hopefully we won’t have to wait terribly long to get to the next big chapter of season 2!

    Crossing my fingers bc I want to see more and if the can do it with SWL? All the better.
  • TE5LATE5LA Member UncommonPosts: 46
    edited May 2017

    JudgeUK said:

    Its pretty sad whats going on, without breaking the NDA, I just want to say to those who think this is some sort of engine/animation upgrade change, it is not.

    It's the NGE all over again!

    They have simply moved animations around and changed the way resources work, removed skills, add reticule and call that streamlined, a "New Game Experience".

    There must be a royalty reason for this name change, or something financial they have not told us about.

    I think even here you're walking all over the nda. None disclosure = none. Not bits of information, or some descriptions of changes. Nda, none disclosure agreement. The clue is in the none.

    NDA does not stand for "None" Disclosure Agreement, but "Non", so your post makes no sense. And if a commenter is not actually participating in the CBT, then they never agreed to an NDA, so they may post anything they wish.
  • TE5LATE5LA Member UncommonPosts: 46

    CrazKanuk said:

    -Give it a new name

    -Build as much hype as possible.

    -Hide the fact that the game is just a re-purposed stripped down version of the original (hint)

    -Remove tab targeting, and make investigative/puzzle quests "easier" (here it comes)

    -Make it F2P (almost there)

    -Re-release on PC and CONSOLES (ahhhh there it is)

    -Profit off of people who don't know of or are fans of FUncom's long con

    In all fairness, the original TSW would have worked very well on console, maybe better than it did on PC. TSW felt kinda like a game designed for console that was being shoved down the throat of PC users.

    I think a console would have a rough time typing all the text in that is required.
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