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Founder's Pack Giveaway! - MXM: Master X Master -



  • xenomxenom Member UncommonPosts: 113
    Because i never win in such giveaways :)
  • wapitasawapitasa Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Im Interested becouse i like to play all types of Mobas ( Smite , LoL , Dota , Paragons, Heroes of Storm , etc....) I have already played the CLosed beta of this game and is Amazing i like it :). and i have played too all the games of NCSoft for years Like ( Lienage , Lienae 2 , Blade and Soul , Wildstars ) i know you guys make a great game for all us . I want to try this One Too :D .
    Keep Working Good ^^

    Hope Have SOme Luck ;D
  • sayuusayuu Member RarePosts: 749
    so I can Play as Statesman and pretend CoH is still a thing.
  • ArshatezArshatez Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Im not a special, im just want to test my luck.
  • TanlielTanliel Member UncommonPosts: 40
    These delicious games, who wouldn't want to play? Although I definitely prefer more PvE gaming than PvP, this is still fun.
  • PimpNastyPimpNasty Member UncommonPosts: 30
    Been watching this game for a while, would love an opportunity to play the game at higher level with one of these packs....gonna have fun with this one....
  • sirchristhesirchristhe Member UncommonPosts: 11
    love mobas :)
  • WOJerichoWOJericho Member UncommonPosts: 3
    If Smite and Diablo had a baby. That's the best sales pitch you could give me and my friends, so I did and we all want in!
  • kebberkebber Member UncommonPosts: 1
    my main genre is mobas
    the tag-mechanic looks very interresting and the minigames and pve content are nice additions to the game
    I also like that they are including heroes from other ncsoft games as ive played guild wars, blade and soul and city of heroes
  • rubydragon5rubydragon5 Member UncommonPosts: 687
    Im very poor in RL , winning it would be nice, so I can have something to keep me busy

  • systemdevil06systemdevil06 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    edited April 2017
    Played 2 betas till now. Great Game ! If I win I donate it to a friedn who can't afford to buy :P
  • ZierrityZierrity Member UncommonPosts: 242
    I think the game itself looks quite interesting and I do love NCsoft's character design! Also, having old and beloved characters return in this game is a big plus for me!
  • AzngastAzngast Member UncommonPosts: 8
    Because the beta's are awesome
  • MawpMawp Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Stay at home mom with a newborn. I moved from NY so I don't have a license and you need one to go anywhere where I live so i literally am in the house all day with my baby and housework. Gaming is my only little escape and vacation.
  • InvisWasTakenInvisWasTaken Member UncommonPosts: 1
    edited April 2017
    Master X Master is a huge new look on MOBA games, it's new and exciting. I'm interested in this game as it has high hopes of succession and popularity. Practice is definitely required for this game, I have high hopes for Master X Master's near future based on my first few hours of beta experience, let's keep dispatching! Time to go pro!

    Thank you for the giveaway, and good luck everyone else.

  • cnkndrcnkndr Member CommonPosts: 1
    I want it because MxM has some good features like character change, WASD movement, action combat.
  • dany300dany300 Member UncommonPosts: 8
    i am interested because i love MOBA
  • portusmagnusportusmagnus Member UncommonPosts: 14
    im in the beta and so far i like it alot
  • RaZKaLzRaZKaLz Member UncommonPosts: 61
    I love MxM because they are trying something different in the "MOBA" genre. I played all the beta so far and im enjoying it a lot :D
  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,059
    Love NcSoft games from Lineage 2 to City of Heroes, big fan and miss seeing all the characters!


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  • deduadedua Member UncommonPosts: 4
    I hope that this game will rock me all to heaven ;) I want to play this so badly that i can't wait ;( and thinking about it makes it worse ;) so please do your magic and help me ;)
  • kyon531kyon531 Member CommonPosts: 1
    I've love MOBA's for a long time, and I want to Start this game off right! I hope to play this game for years to come.
  • FeralpawFeralpaw Member UncommonPosts: 5
    I've been following this game and I'm fairly interested in playing it. Count me in :)
  • nottykidnottykid Member UncommonPosts: 23
    edited April 2017
    Ok I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I am a little too into the background stories & I wanted to create a "couple" who match in story but fill my play-style; who other than Merope & Rytlock? Merope who is without a home while Rytlock is determined to return to his home in Tyria. More importantly I love the idea of playing a pure support as Merope while moonlighting as the versatile front-line Rytlock. Please fuel my nerdy fanboy-ness. Thank you.
  • KenespoKenespo Member CommonPosts: 4
    I have been trying for a year now to become a popular streamer. It has always been a huge goal for me. I put a ton of effort and work into my stream. Being able to have early access to a game with MxM would help my stream out a bunch. Plus MMORPG is above and beyond the best video game site there is.
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