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Founder's Pack Giveaway! - MXM: Master X Master -



  • mjafkomjafko Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Well looks like really great game. I played alot of LoL and Dota 2 even before warcraft dota mod. Would really like to test something new. I am student so alot of time to play games :-)
  • ShymkoShymko Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited April 2017
    I interested MXM because this game something new in a MOBA world.She have interesting PvE system, diverse characters, many game modes(but i play only Titan Ruins xD).MXM is good game, but she need more advertising for attracting more peoples from all countries.I believe MXM will conquer hearth of many peoples and going to great cybersport in the future.Good luck, NCSoft.
  • onoitskillaonoitskilla Member UncommonPosts: 3
    WASD movement has me signed up! im tired of all these point and click games..Really interested in this!
  • necrolocknecrolock Member UncommonPosts: 42
    2500+ hours in league of legends, 1000 hours in HoN, 1500+ hours in Heroes of the Storm. Thats why i'm interested, i love mobas with a passion.
  • MORGANLORDMORGANLORD Member CommonPosts: 1

    I love ncsoft games and I play for over 3 years blade and soul and I love poharan and in MXM I already have it with your nurse skin and I love the MXM game it's great....
  • ValancetValancet Member CommonPosts: 1
    I grew tired of League of Legends and the way Riot is doing things after playing for about 5 years and this game seems like an amazing alternative so far (it's been a fun way for me and my wife to spend some time together). Plus, Statesman is pretty funny. 'Murica! lol
  • victorsamavictorsama Member UncommonPosts: 6
    I would like to win because i started playing the game and liked it very much, while moba is not exactly my type of game this one I'm quite fond with,
  • NarmorNarmor Member UncommonPosts: 23
    Hi, first of all, thanks a lot for doing this giveaway! I hope I’m not late for the party, I’ve been with lots of exams lately and was barely able to check the pages I usually read for news on gaming (being one of the main ones I read tho I don’t usually comment), so hopefully I’m still on time to enter.

    I enjoyed a lot the what I could play on the CB of MxM, I think it has the potential to be a pretty solid MOBA, a genre I love so I play pretty much every MOBA I can find since I started playing DotA 1. I’d love to get if possible on of these Packs as I am a student I don’t really have the money to pay for skins/heroes/etc so I always end up having to unlock everything just by playing and, let’s face it, most games don’t allow you to unlock skins with just game time which, on the other hand, is pretty demanding. I didn’t have a problem with that before but right now with the Uni I don’t have the time I used to so having one of these Packs would help me a great deal as I plan to play this game all I can when it’s released and am already trying to get my friends to play it as well, but would be amazing if I could get some cool stuff to start so I don’t have to be jelly of those who can afford every skin there is (jk).

    I will play this game anyway as I really like the NCSoft universe and hopefully MxM is a success. I think the gameplay is pretty smooth and the graphics are nice too so hopefully this will be my next hobby as soon as it’s released.

    So that’s it, don’t want to make this longer and I don’t think I’ll get another chance like this so may the RNGods hear my pledge and choose me as one of the winners, that would for sure make my day… J

    Again, thanks for the chance and keep being on the vanguard of online gaming news. I’m not an native English speaker but I read your page over other of my language because I always find fresh news here, cheers!
  • PandathenaPandathena Member CommonPosts: 1
    I love Master x Master a bunch! I can't wait for when it releases fully and I hope to maybe stream it in the future because I love it a bunch. I usually play Overwatch and other games periodically but Overwatch was the main game I would play- until the beta for Master x Master came out and now i've stopped play overwatch for awhile as i've been mostly play Master x Master. I think they did a wonderful job with being able to switch to 2 different characters and then adding a pve into the game to attract more people too- its great.
  • augustgraceaugustgrace Member UncommonPosts: 624
    Been playing the closed beta a bit, and so far I love it. Much deeper game than other mobas, with pve, pvp, solo and team options, and mini games as well. Puts a lot of mmorpgs to shame.
  • ryonellryonell Member UncommonPosts: 3
    Oh god... i'm late :(
    Well my current review about the game is clearly a new generation of MOBA and i really like it.

    *The tag system makes a huge ammount of playstyles.
    *PVE stages and even with "CO-OP!". I'm really a fan of PVE CO-OP games too. Also they have stages related to other games like B&S. "Blackram Supply" vs Poharan. Same for other characters of other games of NCSOFT.
    *Mini-Games: Well not much to say, I'm still waiting the timer to play at least a mini-game. Since they are unlocked for a x ammount of time between days. But probably is a game that requires good reflexes.
    *Rewards and Archievements for collector lovers and also for hardcore users that want everything. Keep in note, earning archievements can unlock tittles and some titttles gives to you a % extra of STATS!.
    *F2P model: A lot of skins can be earned through playing daily. "Farming style tokens from Standarts to Legendary style tokens!."
    *Gears boost stats!: In game theres a system called Nodes. You get 2 Tab nodes for free. The third one cost gold and the next ones cost gems. At relative low price.
    Those nodes increase a % of your defenses and a "x" % of any other stat related to the node. All these nodes can be earned for free, you just need to play!. Also is a important thing because they can affect your Arena stats with a 50% of their effects!.

    In resume: A new kind of MOBA... no... not a new kind, is just the NEXT generation of MOBA and the others should learn about this one!.
    I'll stuck here playing with friends, sadly we Live in Venezuela and we can't get access to $ to get a founder pack. Currently our situation is getting worse. But this will not stop me to play a genuine game like this!.

    See you guys in game :) and sorry for my bad english.
  • kimochi17kimochi17 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    I'm curious to see the announcement on who gets the prizes ^^
  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,009
    Very fun game. 

    I like MXM better than any other arpg or moba. 
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