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Sad.. The end of imperator..

wixz64wixz64 Member Posts: 2

Iam sad that Mythic now wants to focus on DAC and Warhammer..  iam DAC?? sure it was a great game for a couple of years but now there are almost none online..  I would rather see a new game as Imperator then to play the old goodie..  but it looks like ill be stuck to playing the most fucked up game in the world "WOW".

/Best regards  Wixz



  • LasastardLasastard Member Posts: 604

    I seriously doubt, that the DAoC servers are empty. The population dropped, sure , but there are still enough active players to keep this game alive for years.
    And besides--why re-inventing the wheel. DAoC has a great concept that makes it unique (which is rare on the MMORPG market nowadays) with one of the best long-term motivations I have seen so far.
    This game has changed its face many times since it was launched - not always in a good way, but still (or because of that) is very successful and will be, as long Mythic continues working on it.

    From what I have seen and read about Imperator it just didnt look very innovative. Considering the competition on the MMO market it woul have been a niche game. Its only positive feature was the SciFi setting. So its quite reasonable to drop the developement and focus on DAoC, which is very succesful, and WarHammer (big name, big responsibility).

  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Member RarePosts: 3,620

    2 out of the 3 new servers have 3500 players on them each every night the 3rd one (launched yesterday) had about 1000 on it. the rest of the servers range from 400-1500 players.

    DAoC is most definately not dead. If anything it has had a rebirth of sorts.

    The longer game devs keep making crap games the longer DAoC will live on. image

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  • humantycoonhumantycoon Member Posts: 63

    Good riddance I say. Even Mythic is realizing creating a me too EQ clone isn't going to cut it anymore.

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