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Acolytes Want YOU in Revelation!

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Revelation Server: NA  SnowPine

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Who are we?
The Acolytes were founded in 2005 with the basic principle of creating a strong, social gaming community. Since then we've offered many outlets for our members to enjoy their time together as a community. We could be grouping together doing a dungeon, raiding or playing a drinking game on Discord. We offer a chance to join a Guild that won’t troll it's members or self destruct over night. We are on our 12th year as a community. 

We are on all day and all night.  Our current raid schedule is Sundays and Thursdays at 10pm EST

You can find our progression in Revelation on our guild page at the Revelation site:…eon-and-raid-progression/

What can we offer you?
You love Revelation Online and want to enjoy the game with great people! The most important thing in any MMO is that the guild members are having fun while killing bosses, taking down castles, participating in guild activities along the way. Acolytes are a zero/low drama guild of people who like to spend time online together. We have every type of player ranging from casual 10 hours a week to hardcore 50 hours a week. The important thing is that we all log into a great game, have a great time together while taking down bosses in Revelation Online. Our primary focus will be PVE Raiding and Guild City building.

  • Guild Dungeon Runs
  • Guild Raid Nights
  • All the buffs that can be given from Guild built towns
  • A guild with a team mindset
  • Active Discord
  • Active Leadership
  • An environment where we get things done and have a fun time doing it
  • Experienced players to help all levels of gamers

We are more than just another guild. We will be respected by others on the server. This is the last guild that you will ever need. You can also visit our website below to see what we are up to! Please feel free to join our Discord server at this link and chat with us and the rest of the community at any time day or night.

What do we expect from you?
You love Revelation Online and are looking to take in PVE raiding, guild city building, among other things and have a great time along the way. Here are a few things we expect from our members while playing Revelation Online.

  • Be a positive contributor in game and out of game. Remember that you are representing the Acolyte's with your word's and actions.
  • Don't be shy about speaking up to volunteer to run a guild activity or have idea's on what would be fun in game for the guild.
  • If we are sieging, pvp'ing, raiding or something that makes it easier to steer large groups with voice, please sign into our Discord server to listen at the very least.
  • If you are online during a scheduled guild activity we ask that you participate unless you have some time restrictions preventing you to do so.
  • Have fun and enjoy the game!

How to Apply
Please visit and click on the Apply button at the top of the page to fill out our two minute application. The goal of the 14 day trial period is to allow the new applicant time to make sure the Acolytes are the best fit for their gaming play style and atmosphere. We want to make sure everyone is having fun and enjoying the game while accomplishing our goals.

You can also apply to our guild inside Revelation.  Guild name is   Acolytes

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