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Dead By Daylight - Random Gift Key Giveaway! - News



  • DreamyGamerDreamyGamer Member UncommonPosts: 27
    edited April 2017

    Keyval_2 is the fucking game fuck this

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  • prisleeeyprisleeey Member CommonPosts: 2
    How I get the keys?
  • millaromillaro Member UncommonPosts: 2
    edited April 2017
    @SleepingSodaaaa you've got to be kidding me. Who the hell came for the game? It's clear 5000+ people were here for the codes ugh. Well if someone has a Street Meg and wants to swap for the full game (lol) hit me up... Edit: It was actually Street Meg, I'm so happy!
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  • nathalyennathalyen Member CommonPosts: 7
    send me keys double ;) in mp
  • TyggsTyggs Member UncommonPosts: 437
    Got Key Val 2. Anyone know for certain which prize that is?

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  • Deadn1ghtDeadn1ght Member CommonPosts: 5
    On the steam forum, there are people saying #keyval_2# has been redeemed for multiple things. It might not be possible to know what it is without redeeming it.
  • sutofficial3sutofficial3 Member CommonPosts: 4
    dangavster i can trade :-1:
  • britz1britz1 Member CommonPosts: 2
    insta 0 keys feelsbadman
  • demithdemith Member CommonPosts: 4
    trade street meg for game key, message me
  • domzamakdomzamak Member CommonPosts: 1
    FUck ur fucking captcha screw ur site
  • FrostQuadFrostQuad Member CommonPosts: 21
    anyone want the daddy jake jacket ? i already have it and il trade for a chuckles mask. Message me in a PM if interested to trade. ( again i want the chuckles mask )
  • sutofficial3sutofficial3 Member CommonPosts: 4
  • HannahgasmHannahgasm Member CommonPosts: 3
    Go back to the key site, and it shows you what you got. They fixed it.
  • guylifesguylifes Member CommonPosts: 1
    - -fucxxxx - -
  • damnzindamnzin Member UncommonPosts: 6
    @admin could you tell me whats keyval_2 means?
  • PoppersChickenPoppersChicken Member CommonPosts: 3
    i got dweard to trade
  • Ruvik25Ruvik25 Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited April 2017
    Wow. I tried with a firend: he got 1 and i was 1sec to late and 0 left :( really bad. Someone with a key which one doesn´t want to have?  :P   (sorry for my bad english ^^ ) Maybe next time :chuffed:
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  • nexixnexix Member CommonPosts: 3
    Admin fixed the #key_val code error, go back to the key page and it should say what code you got
  • DreamyGamerDreamyGamer Member UncommonPosts: 27


    ILL TRADE YA :D I got dweard
  • not_menot_me Member CommonPosts: 3
    Hey guys,
    I got #Keyval_2# and tried to redeem it, but it failed because i already own the items, so i guess it's the game.
    So if anyone is interested in trading for it hit me up.
  • imanollewimanollew Member CommonPosts: 11
    edited April 2017
    the page was always in blank for me  but at the very last I managed to get one.
    Post edited by imanollew on
  • havik121havik121 Member CommonPosts: 9
    I missed out on a code, cant believe it. rip street meg
  • champ12694champ12694 Member CommonPosts: 1
    oh no i don't have a key TT
  • DreamyGamerDreamyGamer Member UncommonPosts: 27
    I got Dweard, anyone has Street Meg? I would trade.
  • rkm123rkm123 Member UncommonPosts: 129
    Looking for meg  skin I have dweard
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