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L2 Thalassic H5

Spunky1085Spunky1085 Member UncommonPosts: 2
L2 Thalassic :
Caracteristicas del servidor
- Anti-bot Smartguard - Skills 80 + auto-learn
- CTRL+CLICK en los Elements Stone
- Automatic Raidboss Event
- Mana / CP potion Toogle 
- Comando Find Party
- Comando para ver tu latencia (.latencia)
- Community Clan Ranking
- Community Raid Boss (Bypass con GO TO NPC, con restricciones)
- Community Database (Bypass GO TO con restricciones)
- Todos los epicos con PvP Zone incluidas las entradas
- Level up reward (Ver Foro) + guia tutorial dependiendo el level alcanzado
- Community Academy
- Community Auction House
Experience: x25
Skill Points: x25
Adena: x15
Drop & Spoil : x12
Max. Enchant: 12 (safe: 4)
Enchant chance: 60%
Blessed chance: Progresivo % Ver Foro
Elemental Chance: 45%
Crystal Chance: 35%
Sub-Class Max. Level: 85
Buffs & Dances/Songs Duration: 2h
Buff Slots: 24+4 | Dance Slot: 12 Max. Clients per PC : 5
Anti-Bot client<->server protection
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