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As an update to my "wasted $" in last thread

TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
edited March 2017 in World of Warcraft
Original thread:

So, in a way, I kinda did rage quit after logging on briefly and finding out none of my friends played anymore and the two guild's I was in broke up.  I quit at the time after a short time resubbing because I was so disappointed and sad.

So I took someones advice, reinstalled and tried a new server (Sargeras). It didn't feel the same and it didn't have any of my characters (and I can't afford character transfers), so instead of being alliance on Tichondrius (which often sees "high" population, sometimes even full), I switched to Horde for the 2nd time since I've played WoW. Usually I play on Alliance, with maybe a horde alt to mess around, but never past level 10. Switching sides actually really made things better.

While true, I still didn't have my friends I've known since WOTLK on Moon Guard...I ended up joining a new guild and its been a lot better. The members are really friendly, guild leader is great, and I really fit in with the guild really well. It isn't based on hardcore PvP or hardcore raiding, or being #1...that isn't my type of guild. Its just a small guild, where you aren't just a number but actually part of the guild. But even if it does grow large (like guilds often do), its a very friendly guild, and the leader is really friendly. A friendly guild leader is definitely what I look for in a guild, because it provides the base of how other members act (mostly anyway)

I did try SWTOR for a bit since my best friend from Moon Guard went there, but heh, I dunno if I actually like it. I find WoW legion to be a lot more fun with a lot more to do than just storyline quests. And the Legion invasions will add even more fun to that. I do like Star Wars though and its nice to play a more sci-fi based MMO, so I may end up doing SWTOR casually or something.

In any case, turns out my 15 dollars didn't go to waste after all :pleased:

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  • kitaradkitarad Member LegendaryPosts: 7,779
    edited April 2017
    Yes finding a good guild seems to be the magic and perhaps even a panacea to an otherwise lonely trek you need to have people to talk to. I know that when I played Vanguard even when it was sparsely populated I had the crafting channel on and it was a huge boon and perhaps one of the reasons I enjoyed crafting and playing even when I was  alone gathering resources.

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