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lol the guy on the street selling lemonade is the top seller on the street for being evil

TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
edited March 2017 in PC Gaming
He 100 percent could of put ice in my lemonade before I bought it. Instead he waited until I already bought my glass of lemonade to put ice in it. I paid for cold lemonade, and had to wait for minutes for it to get cold! A warm cup of lemonade is cheaper than a cold one, but he charged me for a cold one and then put ice in it. Thats pretty bastardish if you ask me. He is milking the rich people who could afford a cold cup, gave the poorer people who can barely afford a warm cup of lemonade a like 10 percent decrease in price over a cold cup for like 50 less cents. Then said nah fuck you all, here is a cold cup with ice already in it, it beats all the warm cups and only costs 5 cents more than a cold cup without ice, and is 1 dollar cheaper than my lemonade stand competitor, HAVE FUN!!! haha. 

I wounder if he sits around and laughs at this stuff as he counts his change

-Now enough about crappy lemonade scam guy

What is a good NEW (newer than Witcher 3) open world game for the PC, with amazing graphics/story etc? It seems not any have come out as epic as Witcher 3. I AM playing Mass Effect and that is amazing, but I'm thinking something more fantasy/medieval based. Any out with huge worlds? Or is witcher 3 the only one so far to come out recently (even though Witcher 3 came out a while ago)?

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