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The Howling- Conan Exiles Server

EdoamarEdoamar Member CommonPosts: 5
TheHowling ([ITA]TheHowling_2x_all) was born as an italian server, but many english speaking players  joined it, making it an international server.
The Howling was born as a common PvPvE server, but soon became the server where children become aduts, single remains single and cowards become more cowards. In other terms the Howling became an hardcore server.
No cheating neither wiping, but you'll have to behave as a true barbarian, if you wanna survive.
Nobody is going to raid you in the first period, but later on don't cry when you loose a battle: the only thing accepted is revenge.
Are you brave enough to join us? The Howling isn't a server for pussies.

For furher infos: :
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