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Email arrived this morning - "Join the new official Lineage II server" - (note it's for EU)

JudgeUKJudgeUK Member RarePosts: 1,407

Become a legend of a new Lineage 2 world

Do you remember your first steps in the world of Lineage 2? Everything was unexplored and everything was possible.
For the first time in 5 years, we are thrilled to invite all European players to join a new official Lineage 2 server that is about to open on the 4game platform on March 21.
The schedule for running key game features like Castle Sieges, Clan Hall auction, Item Auction, and Olympiad will be announced later. Follow our facebook page or twitter to get the latest news about the server launch.
At the moment all community members are invited to participate in a community-wide vote on a name for the new server. Traditionally, all Lineage 2 servers pull their names from in-game lore, and a lot of such titles have been nominated as voting candidates.

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