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BoredGamer's Visit To Foundry42 (UK)



  • MaxBaconMaxBacon Member LegendaryPosts: 7,650
    edited March 2017
    So my questions would be, don't they have to give permission to their streamers to monetize off of CIGs materials, and why wouldn't CIG want the extra money?
    The permission would be necessary if you are using CIG's materials for something that is not Star Citizen related, especially if it involves monetization of those materials on something unrelated to SC.

    So YouTubers using footage that CIG created, or of the game, will be able to monetize that, and from what I know CIG won't get a return for it unless they do as @Nyctelios mentioned, IDing their own content on those.

    That extra revenue is there if they want it, but attm it seems they're not getting it.
  • gervaise1gervaise1 Member EpicPosts: 6,919
    So my questions would be, don't they have to give permission to their streamers to monetize off of CIGs materials, and why wouldn't CIG want the extra money?
    Imagine the comments if they did: why are CiG using backers money to create "poor quality" "jpeg streams" that "no one watches" shouldn't they be making the game? 

    Frivolity aside - although that would happen yes? - it is the same reason that Blizzard don't stream WoW say. Creating their own e.g. YouTube channel could generate publicity but it would also deter independent e.g. YouTube streamers.

    So its about cost vs. amount of publicity. In-house vs. external. And - at this stage in particular - recognises that CiG are a company making a game and not a company streaming an alpha.
  • KefoKefo Member EpicPosts: 4,229
    CrazKanuk said:
    Kefo said:
    Cotic said:
    The written monthly studio reports are being scrapped which is a real shame, they used to provide a good insight into the what everybody was up to and also made it easy to look things up. Replaced with the ATV reports :(

    First the monthly reports then they will probably scale back the info in AtV and then radio silence again. The most open and transparent company ever!! Just became a bit more opaque 

    Are you sure you're ok with them spending money writing reports instead of developing the game ;P
    Reportsnare cheaper to write then to film an atv episode would be my guess.

    and yes I am aware you're being a smart ass and I'm ok with it lol :expressionless:
  • PigozzPigozz Member UncommonPosts: 886
    Erillion said:

    For  our conspiracy friends ...

    here is what the Youtube poster "BannerWolf" had to say about this video  ;-)  :

    "....DON'T YOU KNOW SANTA IS NOT REAL! I know its hard to hear but I have reason to believe Bored Gamer is not real also.

    Fact 1: His face is too perfect. If you stair at his face for a minimum of 8 hours you start to notice that his face is perfectly symmetrical. [Warning may cause mental instability]

    Fact 2: Have you noticed that his fashion sense is too cool. Just like movie stars and SANTA, Bored's fashion sense is to up-to-date almost as if he is a robot.

    Fact 3: Out of all of the videos and live streams I have watched, I have NEVER heard him fart. Very suspicious, almost too suspicious, like as if he is all gears and oil inside.

    I DEMAND Board Gamer Show us his insides. WE WANT PROOF OF LIFE! If you disagree with all the facts I have given you then you clearly have not met my MOTHER, but I would like to encourage more dialog to expose the cybernetic gift bringer imposter of SANTA to justice!"

    So you see ... the awful truth ... exposed ....

    Have fun


    It took 6 posts to trollbait and ruin informative thread

    You must be proud

    Have fun

    I think I actually spent way more time reading and theorycrafting about MMOs than playing them

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