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Amd almost had me lol.



  • laseritlaserit Member LegendaryPosts: 7,591
    JeroKane said:
    filmoret said:
    Just going by your own numbers its the fact that AMD has 16threads that makes it remotely competitive.  The overall power of the 1800x is 1960x16  meanwhile the overrall rating of the 6800k is 2176x12.   So its a little faster but only because it has 16 threads and only when the software can take advantage of it.

    So. Bottomline. Ryzen might be remotely interesting for Developers and People running Professional programs that can actually make use of all those threads.

    For regular consumers and gamers like us. Stick to Intel CPU's.
    No, in a like 20 days, the gaming version of amd will be out, and that will equal the i7 and i5 for half the price. Atm yeah prolly, but nah if your choice in my advice, is to buy a 7700k, or a 1700, i would take the 1700. You get over double the multicore power of a 7700k, its like 40 dollars cheaper. The only person who gets something out of a 7700k, is some one who has a 1080 144hz monitor, and is physically capable of seeing the difference between 115fps and 130 fps.  Because at 4k, there is no difference between a 8350k, a 1700, or a 7700k 5ghz. 

    When the 4 cores come out I predict there will be no difference between a r5 oced to 4.5 and a 7700k oc to 4.5. Maybe like 3-5 fps. 
    Really depends on your application

    I have a 4770k @4.6ghz with a Titan X (non-pascal) 2k 144hz screen for gaming.

    I have a 7700k @5.15ghz with a GTX 1080, 4k 60hz screen for flightsimming.

    The 4770k system still kicks ass when it comes to gaming. GTA5  72fps average frames in the benchmark cranked.

    I can bring the 7700k to its knees with the flightsims. The 4770k was my old flightsim rig.

    In flightsim circles the 1800x is running to the equivalent of a OCed 4790k which is a huge improvement for AMD running these applications.

    Right now for flightsimming a 7700k is where its at, but it still isn't powerful enough when you want all the candy.

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