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New STO “Let’s Play” video series covering the entire game!

Winters83Winters83 Member UncommonPosts: 1

Hello everyone!

Some of you may know me, some of you will not, but i have been playing Star Trek Online  since just after the Free-To-Play transition.  In that time I have come to know the game very well - all missions, factions and systems.

I have now produced a high-quality YouTube video series in the style of a “let's play” covering the entire game and all systems.  As time goes on, I will also be including gameplay from different factions and character types.  My intention is to be so thorough that even veteran players will probably learn new tidbits of information on how to enjoy the game more as everyone has a unique play experience - different things matter to different people.

Each video is short, concise and is not filled with rambling or dead air.  Each video starts at the beginning of its game topic and finishes when the missions or system discussion is over.

Do you play on a console?  It does not matter!  You will still see complete walkthroughs of missions and systems that are more or less the same on console as on PC (aside from UI of course).  You will even learn the fundamentals of systems and missions that aren't even available on console yet - giving you the head start when they arrive!

Are you a new player stuck on a mission?  Want to show the game off to friends so they can join in?  Want to learn Doffing, Admiralty and other game systems?  This is the series for you!

Everything you see in the series is on a completely free-to-play STO account with no real world cash being used to gain any type of resource advantage.

I post a new video every weekday, and list each weeks releases and invite discussion on them in the “Starfleet Media Coprs” section of the website here >

You can also find them directly listed on my youtube channel here >

I have spent, and will continue to spend a great deal of time and effort on this series and I really welcome any feedback, comments or discussion on the videos and their content.  Even if you don't like them, that's fine, just suggest a way to improve them!

If you really enjoy them, subscribe to my youtube channel to get notifications the moment a new video is posted.

Subscribe to channel: Winters Gaming

Twitter: @STF1_Winters83

Twitch Channel: Winters1983

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