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Dark and Light Screenshots Gallery from VK (Russian Community) (03/08/2017)

SerMedievalSerMedieval Member UncommonPosts: 94
Hey folks! It's been a while since we've received an update on Dark and Light (Aside from the GDC coverage, which we should be getting more information on soon) but Kroy from the Dark and Light Discord noticed that there was a new link on the official DnL website directing to a Russian community called VK who had posted a bunch of screenshots for Dark and Light (a couple of which are new!).

Check em out! Might even get a chuckle out of em  :p .

Here to start it off is the real reason why you shouldn't start forest fires in Dark and Light:

Smokey wont tolerate that ^.

Jade Forest:

The Human City of Vardo remembers...

Enjoy the sunny days while you can!

Immersion intensifies...

Water Break:

More flight on the Sacred Path

Potential Ptera-style Divebomb!

Interior House Goals:

Foundations and Walls:

Fully Built:

Castle-Building Showcase:

Accurate Hype Comparison:

We need this as a wallpaper!

Have a good day! Hope you enjoyed, and get ready for some more mad DEETS from GDC being dropped soon™ (hopefully).

Don't forget to check out VK's website and support them if you're interested, hopefully they continue to showcase off some more cool stuff like this!

Have a good one folks!

Special thanks again to Kroy!
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