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Anyone still playing this MMORPG??

Jackson_LeeJackson_Lee Member CommonPosts: 14
Have left Maple for a couple of years but it was one of my favorite MMORPG during the old days. The 2D game style and small size characters but still worth most of the players spent day and night to grind.

Just noticed Maple is giving out free item for whole week as long as character's level over 30. Furthermore, the philosopher book has return reminds me of spending my pocket money on it. 

So, anyone wants to return to Maple?


  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004
    Not really, a decade or so those types of games were going out of fashion, now, there are just too many 3d options to choose from that except for possibly the nostalgia factor, i can't think of a single reason for wanting to play that type of game again. :o
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