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How many MMOs are you actively currently playing? (2017 edition)



  • SevalaSevala Member UncommonPosts: 220
    Zero...but not really because i hate mmos....i just have no interest in whats available at this time....and the foreseeable future of garbage being made.

    ~I am Many~

  • GladDogGladDog Member RarePosts: 1,097
    Sevala said:
    Zero...but not really because i hate mmos....i just have no interest in whats available at this time....and the foreseeable future of garbage being made.
    You may want to reconsider this stand.  If you want MMOs to come out that you like, then spend money, even a little bit, on games reasonably close to what you are looking for.  Trust me, the money guys are watching every purchase we make.  If a lot of people buy Pantheon, I mean like 6 figures of people, That could be the first step towards a revival of that type of MMO.  Or if 100k+ people invest in Ship of Heroes, who knows, maybe NCsoft will resurrect the old game with a new engine.  The thing is, big business does not care what you SAY, they only care about how you SPEND.

    So if no one votes with their wallet, then it is just as good as not voting at all.

    The world is going to the dogs, which is just how I planned it!

  • ShodanasShodanas Member RarePosts: 1,933
    SWTOR and WoW are the two mmo's i am currently subbed to. Although i will take a small brake from the later till 7.2 arrives.
  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko Member EpicPosts: 6,916
    I said none, but technically, I play ESO, but take substantial breaks. There's just been too many really good single-player games lately... :D
  • DistopiaDistopia Member EpicPosts: 21,183
    edited March 2017
    Kyleran said:
    Sad really, when None is the number 2 choice.
    Not really, right now I'm not technically playing any MMOs, not because of any negative outlook on the genre, I just simply have far too many games in my backlog, many I've yet to even play in my steam library (as well as Conan Exiles). There's nothing sad about that, aside from not having time to just play games of course. Then again that's not sad either, because life outside of games is a great to experience as well. 

    I guess you could say the only thing sad is devoting enough emotion into not having an MMO, that you would actually hate any type of game... Hence that poll option is a non sequitur to me, a completely nonsensical reaction. 

    That type of thing is for this guy...

    For every minute you are angry , you lose 60 seconds of happiness."-Emerson

  • ApexTKMApexTKM Member UncommonPosts: 334
    I confess I did say none even though I have played WoW last year, also bought ESO and played that a tiny bit on and off and recently played swtor only for a few days to 7 days to see whats changed. I just don't consider any of these a 1 mmo that I actively play because I am not active or committed enough.
    The acronym MMORPG use to mean Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

    But the acronym MMMORPG now currently means Microscopic Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Kappa.
  • LordEbolaLordEbola Member UncommonPosts: 51
    need a none option in the survey that is: none worth playing at the moment.
  • bcbullybcbully Member EpicPosts: 11,838
    Overwatch. That's it.
    "We see fundamentals and we ape in"
  • JDis25JDis25 Member RarePosts: 1,353
    Playing FFXIV right now, leveling an alt. Am very interested in TERA for the PS4, will definitely be checking that out in the future. ESO/FFXIV also have expansions coming up that I want to be there for.
    Now Playing: Bless / Summoners War
    Looking forward to: Crowfall / Lost Ark / Black Desert Mobile
  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,157
    None except Skyforge if you really classify that as a MMO and ESO Once in awhile (EVERY MMO HAS SUCKED TO DATE) except for (Arche Age) Until Trion ruined it and made it absolutely suck !!!

    The best MMO's were 2005 and before, every MMO since like around after 2005 has flat out sucked because developers suck...

    1.) Dark Fall the only decent MMO, but I am not sure what server to go with currently if I went back.
    2.) Crow fall might be good.
    3.) Albion Online

    The only MMO's worth playing until ESO gets better housing, and customization of characters without spending a $10 fee each time.
  • Asm0deusAsm0deus Member EpicPosts: 4,237
    Just one right now,  Riders of Icarus but ...erm....not the nexon version.  Waiting on a few others to come out this year and also playing through mass effect trilogy again.

    Brenics ~ Just to point out I do believe Chris Roberts is going down as the man who cheated backers and took down crowdfunding for gaming.

  • sayuusayuu Member RarePosts: 766
    Does PoE count?

    if so then two.
  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Member EpicPosts: 5,802
    edited March 2017
    none.  I'm playing games less and watching TV and movies more these days.  the two games i play daily are POE and hearthstone

    Last year I spent time playing LOTRO, GW2 and WOW:Legion.  This year I may not even play an MMO.
  • DragnelusDragnelus Member EpicPosts: 3,503
    None, not cause I hate mmo's I just cant find one anymore that will picks my interest :( Burn out maybe lets see what the future brings!

  • Shiner219Shiner219 Member UncommonPosts: 35
    None, and also not because I hate them.
    I do have high hopes for 2017 / 2018, with a mixed genre to look forward to.
  • deniterdeniter Member RarePosts: 1,425
    Vanilla WoW.

    Next one will be Pantheon, whenever it releases.
  • CaffynatedCaffynated Member RarePosts: 753
    Depends on what you mean by actively.

    I don't play any MMOs every day or even every week. But I play a few at least every couple of weeks.

    Black Desert is one I log into every day for AFK fishing, but I only play it on the weekends. TERA I play a few hours every other week or so.

    Games I play at least a few hours a month:
    World of Warships
    Warhammer Online

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 42,592
    3 for me

    BDO, An Early Access and an undisclosed Alpha
    Plus 2 shooters, 3 simulations, 4 random console games and....Monopoly.  ;)

    "True friends stab you in the front." | Oscar Wilde 

    "I need to finish" - Christian Wolff: The Accountant

    Just trying to live long enough to play a new, released MMORPG, playing New Worlds atm

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  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,177
    I probably have over ten accounts but primarily just playing Darkfall ROA beta and waiting for may 5th launch.... I have recently played conan exiles and guildwars RA a bit too.

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  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,756
    I have 4 current subs I think? WoW, BDO, FFXIV, and Runescape. But I've only really been playing Runescape ,FFXIV, and BDO. Runescape while I'm watching things, FFXIV with my girlfriend when she feels like it. BDO when I feel like grinding while paying attention to a game and playing that RNG game with gear.
  • rawfoxrawfox Member UncommonPosts: 788
    Actively im playing Warframe and GTA5 atm.
    Im totally disapointed with the whole market, greedy companies and p2w mechanics with RNG only grow bad karma in games and their players.
    Its not about fun anymore, its about grade and luck.
    Things need to change here cuz its not fun anymore ...

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,722
    Your poll has a big flaw... 

    I'm not playing any mmo at the moment but i love mmos.

  • setsua28setsua28 Member UncommonPosts: 16
    Just one so far. 

    I`m playing ESO, i`m wating for Tera on PS4 to come out.
  • LheiahLheiah Member UncommonPosts: 190
    ESO, exclusively since b2p conversion and don't see that changing anytime soon.

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