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My Impression after taking a long break from SWTOR.

ApexTKMApexTKM Member UncommonPosts: 334

They added some things that I really like to the game the only remaining thing that I will critique the game about is the lack of merging all the servers into 1 NA and 1 EU. If they are concerned about the languages for EU just add in language settings for german french english etc. That will fix a lot of problems that may come by when merging all the EU servers. I'm already in the top populated server in NA so thats not why I'm being critical about the lack of merging its just for the sake of all the players and some people might return to the game as a result. Yes I'm aware of the 90 cc transfers but its still a problem IMO.

The game feels like a brand new game again and I'm taking a different approach to it than I did once it released and I was disappointed but now I'm looking at the game differently. I'm better off playing this game casually cause I don't want to get burned out from it I want to keep that feel of a brand new game so it'll consist of taking breaks in between days weeks and months. They added a lot of stuff since I've been gone so I'm a little overwhelmed tbh but this time around I'm not going to rush to finish everything. The xp bonus event right now is tempting me to level all my 20+ alts but I'm doing my best to resist that and just focus on my 1-2 main toons.
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