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Hmmm, just curious about it!

Well guys, have u heard about the Comic Book Creator that the maker of RYL have now? I'm just curious about it..Is that free or you have to pay for it? If you have to buy it, how much? I've heard to some other people that this is cool & great! image


  • looploop Member Posts: 79

    I heard that the comic book creator is good it allows you to format, add some text and take some screenshots. I dont know if its free but im looking for that comic book also.

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  • iveria18iveria18 Member Posts: 123

    i'm still wondering what this comic book all about???? a comic book version of RYL???....whats the real story behind this book???...when will be the release???...can u buy it online???

    P2P is good but i need free games :D

  • _RYL__RYL_ RYL Community ManagerMember Posts: 31

    The Comic Book Creater is a program that allows you to make your own comics, using screenshots from games, pictures of family and friends, etc.

    The program itself is incredibally simple to use. Pictures are easily dragged and dropeed into different layouts, and text boxes, storyline boxes, and the like can be added. Once you're finished creating your comic, you can either print it out on a home printer, or send it to Kinko's.

    Currently, you can sign up for a free download of the demo version. The retail version is still in the works while more features are being added. It should be released around September, for $29.99.

     You can find the free download here:

    More information can be found at:


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  • tinjhentinjhen Member Posts: 35


    Wooowww, that was really great!!!image Thanks for your reply dude..I really appreciate it..image For sure all of the comic fans there will like it..image

  • kuruosawakuruosawa Member Posts: 74

    great innnovations coming from Planetwide Games here! I think i will look forward for this Comic Book Creation, and boy i just couldnt wait for that.i could imagine myself creating one of my own and publiching it out by a whole new ball game man!::::31::::::31::::::31::

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