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What remains of Vanguard



  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
    lahnmir said:
    As I've posted in another thread before, I played there several times and the maximum number of players online EVER was 5. I loved Vanguard dearly but no, 5 is in no way or shape a number of players you can enjoy this game with.

    So I unistalled and quit Vanguard again. Aside a few passionate people Vanguard has unfortunately been forgotten.

    I tried it a year ago, maybe two now...and the Necromancer was completely broken and none of the quests worked. So I logged off to check in again later. It doesn't help they don't keep their website up to date or advertise (though the last part might be because at least when I played it, it was a shell of a game)

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  • postlarvalpostlarval Member EpicPosts: 2,003
    Sorry best ever was Asherons Call.

    B14cKs0L said:
    "What remains of the best MMO of all time?"

    That game is called Asherons call and it's being emulated at a fabulous rate!

    Hehe nice try though..

    No one cares. This is a Vanguard thread. Create an AC thread if you want to go all fanboy on the forums
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