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Understanding PvP?

CrosswireCrosswire Member UncommonPosts: 264
Help me to understand the PvP in AA.  
Is PvP allowed everywhere?  
If you see someone with a red name do you attack?
Is there any sort of penalty for attacking other players?
What is the result of dying in PvP?
So there is no such thing as a PvE server in AA?


  • FrammshammFrammshamm Member UncommonPosts: 322
    1. No.. PVP is not allowed everywhere. The sea is PVP enabled. A lot of zones on your own continent are PVP "disable". I use the term loosely because if you are on the opposing continent in a PVP disabled zone... they can attack you. Some zones however are in PEACE mode, which means no one can attack anyone. Some zones stay in peace and some zones cycle in and out of peace depending on events.

    2. I do. But not everyone does. Sometimes its better to not draw attention to yourself. killing one red name may only lead to 15 more red names being called in to ruin your open world boss hunt.

    3. You may die. If you attack your own faction, you turn purple, you get smoked by everyone because why not, and you get crime points which will lead to jail time and deportation to Pirate island if you do it enough. 

    4. Please see answer # 3.

    5. You respawn somewhere else. Really the damage comes from either you dropping a pack you were carrying for gold/resources .. or it prevents you from completing some sort of event. Absent that, dying to pvp when its just "see red, kill red" fun times usually means nothing.

    6. No... and it sounds like you are looking for another game to play.

  • CrosswireCrosswire Member UncommonPosts: 264
    Thanks Frammshamm, that explained things perfectly.
    No, games fine and the PvP side of it sounds just about right.  I was just getting the facts.  ;)
  • LogumLogum Member UncommonPosts: 13
    @Frammshamm explain the point very well.
    I want to add also that the pvp is faction vs faction, and if you go into the enemy faction area(except sea and war zones) you cannot attack your opponents until they attack you first.
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