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Closed Beta 2 Kicks Off with New Trailer - Mu Legend Videos -

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 11,024
edited February 2017 in Videos Discussion

imageClosed Beta 2 Kicks Off with New Trailer - Mu Legend Videos -

Today marks the commencement of the second closed beta event for MU Legend. To celebrate the start of the closed beta, Webzen has sent out a new cinematic trailer.

Read the full story here


  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196
    I will be playing both Revelation and MU Legend.
  • ForgrimmForgrimm Member EpicPosts: 3,056
    Looking forward to this one. Just need to register my beta key.
  • PopplePopple Member UncommonPosts: 239
    Many of us had the problem of corruption when installing the game. Downloaded this game twice and never could get it to install, with out some corrupt file warning. To bad to.

    I retired retroactively..Haha

  • RuepelRuepel Member UncommonPosts: 10
    Game is awesome if you look for a free diablo3. You have rifts, dungeons and even treasure goblins lol. Plus you can use mounts. I like it. Atm lvl 25 and still not bored. It is alot better than some "recent" rereleased game on steam(no i wont say the name because i have to instant puke if i read the name) that will cost some money. If you love arpg give it a try.....
  • WarlyxWarlyx Member EpicPosts: 3,245
    edited February 2017
    is better than Guardians of Ember (sorry Ruepel :p ) that u need to pay 20$ .....isnt the best game , nor innovative , but its fun and f2p ....(probably p2w )

    new beta isnt new just added more languages , still waiting on the new class (Spellbinder?)
  • bamwallabamwalla Member UncommonPosts: 221
    Played the first beta quite a bit.  It is a fun game, but it's also pretty generic.  It has some mindless destruction qualities but not much reason, for me,  to play this over any other game that's currently out.    That being said, if you are into ARPGs then give it a shot for sure.                               
  • 3dom3dom Member RarePosts: 889
    I'm a bit worried how whole CBT1 => CBT2 progress consist of 2 new icons and couple translated strings yet it took 4+ months to implement.

    Thank you for your time!

  • VonatarVonatar Member UncommonPosts: 723
    Played a couple of hours in CBT2. Not bad, but didn't grab me. I'd rather play Grim Dawn to be honest as it has a lot more character.
  • NirimetusNirimetus Member UncommonPosts: 33
    edited February 2017
    This one is a copy and past of Diablo 3 with a few minor differences (most for F2W model).

    Also controls feel clunk and you go to wrong places when you pass over an enemy, it's like it "stick" to the target and you end up going in the middle of the mob instead away from it.

    Skill system is a bit different too, to unlock what was supposed to be Runes, you need to keep using the skill to it gain EXP.

    It's something to kill time, will end up being boring as any other MMO you see out there.

    Rifts are a rip off from D3 also, they are fast tho, only 2-3 different maps, same for dungeons.

    Now just need to wait and see if they will implement MU Helper, then the game can become MUAFK Legend.

    Mu Legend is a F2P D3 with possible P2W elements later on (Weebozen).

    I don't know how Blizzard didn't sued them for copyrights infringement.
  • ElthiumElthium Member UncommonPosts: 87
    Yeah, pretty average. Something to play when I have some time to spare. My favourite key is Spacebar for fast forwarding through quest dialogue. Plus it has an insane repop rate that gets annoying. Back to Grim Dawn.
  • cmacqcmacq Member UncommonPosts: 331
    Little disappointed the beta key I got from this site does not work
  • renstarensta Member RarePosts: 728
    I enjoyed it, hopefully it will develop in the right direction with higher level cap and some areas with free pvp.


    Basically clicking away text windows ruins every MMO, try to have fun instead of rushing things. Without story and lore all there is left is a bunch of mechanics.
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  • khanhhoankhanhhoan Member CommonPosts: 3
    how can I get the beta key?? help please
  • EothasEothas Member UncommonPosts: 84
    edited February 2017
    This game is cool, but it's a bit boring at endgame, you fall behind pretty easily if you don't do all dailys everyday religiously. Since I'm playing other games atm, obligatory dailys are a big no no. Mechanically it's pretty nice, I had fun clearing dungeons and bosses in CBT1.
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