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Need a new home.

ragz45ragz45 Member UncommonPosts: 810
Burned out on wow, and all caught up on the storyline in swtor.  So I need something to occupy my time for a bit.  Debating between ESO (PC) (new housing release) and FFXIV.  I played ESO at release, but quit due to lack of friends to play with.  Figured I could give that another go.  I've never played FFXIV, but I hear it's great.  But I would have to buy the base game + the x-pack for that.

I know they are wildly different games, but is it possible to have fun in FFXIV without being a raiding elitist?  On the flip side, in ESO, is the community decent?  Will I be able to find people to socialize with, or is it primarily still a single player game, where people rarely talk to each other?


  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,156
    edited February 2017
    Don't play FFXIV for sure, only game I would recommend you try again is Elder Scrolls Online...

    ESO from what I see is mostly a single player game, although I think people do join and play for the dungeons and for pvp.

    Final Fantasy XIV, is group based around a lot of stuff, but I wouldn't recommend it if you like (Freedom to customize, and Glamours & Housing.)

    Also I do feel ya, haven't been able to find a good MMO since like 2000-2007 everything else has sucked, or became to suck including wow.
    The problem with FFXIV, is the fact that you can't find player housing anywhere, Square Enix is not allowing people to re-customize their character, and offer unlock packs for cosmetic options aka can't change skin, eyes, or shape without paying Real Money...

    And worse of all you have to have to use Glamour Shards for it so have to be level 50 even if you buy cosmetic items from their optional items store...

    Over-All FFXIV, needs major improvements (Instanced Housing) not (Apartments)...

    As far as FFXIV being friendly I asked this on reddit all people do is Argue, Never take it seriously, and no way to leave feed-back to developers in which areas they need to improve and fix the game on and not like they would listen anyways but can't post on their forums without a subscription im not paying them $15 for a game that needs to be heavily fixed around the customization, Glamour Shards, and Housing system...

    Why pay $14.95 for housing I can't get but other people have managed to and pay the same price as everyone else, not to mention not being able to directly trade housing or anything its an awful experience.

    Don't get me wrong I really like Final Fantasy, but I can't stand how they have done nothing but drive Final Fantasy XIV into the ground compared to Final Fantasy XI where things were fair as far as housing and all.
  • BeefFandangoBeefFandango Member UncommonPosts: 31
    Like all mmos you either play it casually or you give your life to the eternal hunt for fuck all important. If you choose not to play it casually you are often on the Aspergers end of the scale? Not sure if you are? 
  • DeadSpockDeadSpock Member UncommonPosts: 403
    Well since you were playing WoW I'm not sure you will like ESO they are very different. I do have both games but recently after new expac announced been playing FFXIV every day and not getting bored yet. There is a lot of other things to do in FFXIV other than end game raiding and also as new content comes out the older raids become easier so everyone can experience them. I'm pretty sure there is a free trial for FFXIV so you can try it for yourself, ESO on the other hand is buy to play. I'm sure you will enjoy playing FFXIV, good luck with whatever you decide to get.
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