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Extremely Heavy Micro-Transactions

CopenhagenCopenhagen Member UncommonPosts: 57
Most Free to Play game, you will want to spend a little money on the game, at least to get the subscription.  Some of them you don't really ever have to spend any money at all on them if you don't want to, Example: Star Trek Online, Planetside 2.   Then, there are those games that, you pretty much have to spend lots more money on them, than you ever would a Subscription, or Pay to Play Game.   Skyforge is one of the latter.  Which comes as no surprise, since it is the 'Allods Team'.   Allods Online was the exact same way, actually it was a little worse than Skyforge. 

Still yet Skyforge sells 'Argents', which you need to buy 'Victors Medals', so you can level up your main stat in the game 'Might'.  There is currently no way to exchange the in-game currency into the cash shop currency (which the more successful Free to Play games have).  They have recently added a Ranking System to the Subscription System, which requires you to pay to rank up your subscription.  They pretty much give the Subscription away.  However, if you don't know that (Which there is no way for you to know this until after you have played for a while), and you go buy say...a 6 month Subscription.  Well, now you are in the position where you have to pay extra to Rank Up your Subscription that you just bought (This don't sound cool does it?'s not.)  

To be fair though, no you don't "Have" to spend money if you don't want to, as those that "Do" spend money would have you believe.  Although, if you do not spend decent chunks of money on the game you will never catch the carrot so to speak.   Moreover, even if you so spend a descent amount of money, your still going to be one step away from reaching that carrot.   As, the progression system in this game is set up to keep you chasing the carrot, because they have not 'Finished Developing their Content'.  The only ones that get to do the End Game content, are the 'Whales', (the guys that spend insane amounts of money on the game). 

Futhermore, the player base is extremely small, and there is a steady stream of folks walking out the door each day.  So, what you have is "Big Fish, Small Pond".

I would strongly suggest that you stay away from this game.  The game was fun at one time, and it did have a currency exchange at one time.  It was actually playable at one time.   But, as a new player trying to come into it.   Trust me, there are better games out there that will provide you a lot more fun, and entertainment.   Just trying to help folks out.


  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,147
    edited February 2017
    Skyforge isn't that bad if you are just looking for casual PVE...

    PVP I would not recommend Skyforge...

    And yes the game is heavy on Cosmetic Items, and Pay 2 Enjoy aspect if you enjoy collecting cosmetic items but nothing is required to buy Unlike most MMO's, and unlike Black Desert for example the costumes are unlocked for all classes and characters...

    The game does need major improvements around PVP and everything though.

    Also you can no longer covert currencies, however you can buy Credits still if needed although putting just $100 into the game and farming them is much more efficient...

    So far I have every class unlocked in Sky Forge, and every costume lol.

    Try out ESO again, not like there is anything better to play unless investing into Crow Fall.
  • CobaltusCobaltus Member UncommonPosts: 34
    Now that Skyforge is coming out on the PS4, I am very excited to play it. Can you be more specific on why you think the PvP is bad? Also, anyone have any details on end-game content?  Thanks. 
  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,973
    I just logged into the game today for the first time in ages.  First thing the graphics are way lower than before.  Got 14 days premium access for just logging in after such a long time, and mobs that use to require careful consideration before fighting melted like butter.  Not a lot of other players around, probably playing RO.

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