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LF Fantasy MMO with Best Quests. Preferably Solo-friendly, No PvP



  • TulevTulev Member CommonPosts: 1

    Nepheth said:

    Elder Scrolls Online, The Secret World and The Old Republic. All three of them are very good mmos with amazing quests. Eso has much more freedom than other two. It has an amazing world with full of exploration. Tsw has the best quest system in any mmorpg for me. It's not just the storyline. The quests in Tsw makes you think, research and learn new things all the time. And the horror setting in a mmorpg is a very unique experience for me. Swtor has the best storyline and a lot of free content to complate before you pay any money. But it is a much more linear experience than other two. All three of them are very solo firendly games.

    I agree. @Nepheth Hit the nail on the head here.
  • kitaradkitarad Member LegendaryPosts: 7,183
    edited April 2017
    Project Gorgon reminds me of Everquest graphics without the awkward stand position,horrible running and walking animations. Pretty dated looking but could be interesting since it is a PvP free game and sandboxy.

    I stand corrected not dated graphics at all this from a  recent blog post
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  • MargraveMargrave Member RarePosts: 1,328
  • BisloboBislobo Member UncommonPosts: 27
    edited April 2017

    • Margrave said:


      yeah i would say ESO
  • HothloveHothlove Member UncommonPosts: 126
    I wouldn't recommend Eso half of the world is a PvP zone. You can spend 3 days to get to level 10, leveling is slower compared to other mmorpgs. Pve in Eso is different than older mmorpgs which is good, but imo the voice acting and names of npcs was sometimes really dry.

    If you wanna play together notice that Eso has phasing just like WoW, remember in WoW if your not on same quest you can't see eachother. But Im not sure if Eso does that too.

    I wouldn't recommend lotro. You could dl it only to find out that you will stutter through middle earth (alot of people who have tried lotro have had weird performance issues).

    Look out for Pantheon Rise of the fallen might be good when it comes one day. It is marketed as a pve mmorpg with teamwork.
  • acidbloodacidblood Member RarePosts: 878

    The title says it all; well, also pixel and voxel graphics are not acceptable.  My friend is getting a gaming computer for the first time in a decade, and asked me to find an MMO to play with him, with the intention that we spend most of our time in-game dong quests and killing monsters, either both solo but near each other, or as a pair.

    So here are the requirements again:
    - Game has a fantasy or science fantasy setting
    - Quests!  Lots of well-written ones that communicate lore about the world and also NPCs that are interesting characters.
    - Game is a full MMO with a monster-populated world to explore
    - Either no PvP at all, PvP only in arenas, or PvE servers
    - Game isn't too hard to solo and doesn't have loot penalties for players who aren't in group or are soloing content meant for a lower-level group
    - Looks relatively nice, no pixels or voxels
    - Should have wasd movement or gamepad; mouse-only movement hurts my arm.

    - Minor bonus points for crafting that actually produces useful items, no gender-locked classes, the cash shop isn't too horrible (or there's an actual subscription instead)

    ... you basically just described FF:XIV ARR
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