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This company managed to play it smart LOL



  • CrazKanukCrazKanuk Member EpicPosts: 6,130
    DMKano said:
    I don't think their intent was to run away with money. Otherwise we'd have had this very discussion years ago. No, I think they tried. Tried and failed, but still tried.

    What masses dont realize is internally game companies try and fail projects all the time.

    The game that get developed to launch are about 1 out of 20 internal ideas that make it.

    What early access and KS expose to public is how often game projects fail, which has always been the case, but never seen by the public as internal failed projects are seldom discussed.
    Is failing and abandoned truly synonymous?  

    Your point is valid, but technically in business terms failing means a completed project that didn't take well and cost more than what was sold. 

    Anyone else remember getting paid to alpha and beta test? What happened to those days. 

    Meh.... Yeah, they could be considered to be synonymous. Terminology is a fickle bitch because it can mean different things to different people depending on the organization you worked at. I actually use it in interviews all the time. I'll ask about nebulous industry terminology and depending on their answer I have an idea of what they've worked in before. It's actually a marvelous strategy. 

    For instance, abandoned could simply be used as a PC term to not hurt devs feels. However, in reality, an abandoned project means it failed to meet some measure. I'm sorry, but anything that gets past the idea stage, anything where there has been resources invested in writing code, is a failure if it doesn't release. Some might say Titan was abandoned, but the reason it was abandoned was that it wasn't fun. Like fuck me! If you make it years into development of a project only to find it's not really that fun? If that's not a failure, I don't know what is. 

    I do remember paid alpha and beta. Do you remember the profile of the people participating in those types of testing? Effectively, what happened to those days is that technology made paid alpha and beta programs more costly to run than simply bringing on more in-house QA staff. Too much licensing, custom tools, training, etc., etc. Also, let's face it, the knowledge gap between 99% of alpha/beta testers these days and even the bottom 5% of paid alpha/beta testers in "the day" is MASSIVE! Basically, alpha/beta testers these days know about as much about game development, the game/software development process, and the tech behind the games as I do about quantum physics.

    SO! The question about "what happened to those days" is multi-faceted.

    1) huge tech gap 
    2) 99% of testers are about as valuable as an empty desk chair. 
    3) the alpha black market became too big for companies to ignore/take advantage of



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