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Game is pretty much unplayable now. 90002 error and DC every 5-10 minutes

DeathStrokeDeathStroke Member UncommonPosts: 41
So I was hoping there was SOMETHING someone knows that can help me with this.  I've searched and read quite a bit on the issue but none seems to answer it.  My computer is hard wired to the router, so that shouldn't be an issue.  I've reset the router and modem several times and have reset the PC as well.  I've tried playing other games like Diablo 3, SWTOR and GW2 with 0 issues.  No disconnects or massive lag spikes that would indicate a drop.  Suggestions I've seen are using a VPN?  That really isn't an option since the free ones are REALLY slow and would make gaming difficult to say the least.  I'd really rather not leave the game since I am enjoying it, when I can play that is.  So does anyone know of anything I can do to try and fix this problem or is it all on them and I'm SOL?


  • PottedPlant22PottedPlant22 Member RarePosts: 800
    Did you uninstall and reinstall the game?  They pushed an update last night.  Is the client updated?
    Video Drivers updated?
  • DeathStrokeDeathStroke Member UncommonPosts: 41
    I played last night before the update, so I haven't tried today.  As for uninstalling the game, when I did a fresh install of it a few weeks ago, updating it was nearly impossible.  It kept getting an error and I had to use a VPN to download it, which also took several attempts.  At that time I thought maybe it was because I had changed my router out, so I hooked the old one back up but still kept getting the download error.  So, uninstalling and reinstalling is not something I would be in any hurry to do at this time.

    Yes, video drivers are 100% up to date.

    I will check the game out again tonight and see if the patch fixed anything.

    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate you taking the time.
  • PottedPlant22PottedPlant22 Member RarePosts: 800
    No problem.  I'm not home right now so can't check myself, but I do know that they have been having issues with the NA server cluster of late.
  • DeathStrokeDeathStroke Member UncommonPosts: 41
    I do not know how to change my DNS, but I will read up on it

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