Conan Exiles launches with "mixed reviews"



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    Lerxst said:
    Distopia said:
    Distopia said:

    This would break it for me. There is forced voice communication in this? Or is this an optional thing? I hate hearing people talk in games, its the most immersion thing to come to gaming experience possible. I don't even like to hear people talk in MMOs.

    And the MMOs that force you to use it (for raids or PvP), I say I'm deaf and can't hear anyone and hearing aids don't work for me. I know that might be wrong to people who are truly deaf, but its literally the only thing one can say if they don't want to be forced to use voice chat in a game.
    You can turn that off ( mute the voice chat volume) there is in game txt chat if you prefer that route. 
    awesome! :D That is good. The poster I quoted made it sound like it was a forced thing that couldn't be turned off.
    Agreed I hate most voice chat. Being forced would be a deal breaker for me as well.
    That would make for some good entertainment value... seeing a bunch of mutes jumping around naked and acting stupid. Doesn't really make for good game play though.

    I prefer assigning my own voices to people when I read their text in games. The problem is, people with mics almost refuse to type anything in the goddamned chat box, ignore people who do type and basically form their own little "cliques" acting deaf and blind towards anyone else.

    I muted mic chat and it was a verrrrrrrrrry lonely experience. Out of 70 people on, only 1 other bothered typing anything.

    So no, it's not required, but if you want any form of interaction with anyone in the game, you need to keep it on or you just become a "second class citizen" to everyone else.
    Just curious because of a project I'm working on, what if everyone talked through their characters? Meaning your voice was translated into a voice of your choosing. Not voice modulation.

    On topic I don't think people with unreasonable expectations should get to write a bad review for a game. Used, refurbished, alpha, beta, early access (EA has meant something else in gaming for a long time). These indicate the level of quality you can expect from a product. If you can't understand that then keep it to yourself. It's like someone bought WoW thinking it was an RTS and down voted it.

    The recent reviews function on steam can help in this kind of situation though.

    People who down voted Fragmented because it's not The Repop should also have their reviews removed, reviews aren't meant to be a system to vent your frustrations. 

    Steam really should have the user acknowledge the fact it's an EA game before buying like an EULA, and have specific details on that game from the developer as to what to expect, because Early Access doesn't seem to have a set meaning in terms of the level of development of the game.
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    Many people believe that Early Access is equivalent to Pre Release (this might not be the correct term), meaning those who go first (Pre Boarding in airports) the week before a game releases to the public.  They don't understand that they are paying to play during development.

    Everyone, what is the correct term for the time before retail release when early adopters start laying the game?  This is usually after Beta ends and the final server wipe happens.

    Early Access should be renamed Alpha Access, Development Access, Build  Access.  There is an Early Access Banner explaining what is EA.  But I realise many don't bother to read that.

    Weathe I am on Steam or Amazon or anywhere, I start with the one star, bad reviews.  Many are complaining about performance and lag.  They probably haven't gone into the settings and turned anything down to low yet.  That may not even help.  Other games, made by competent developers, have no lower settings.  Developer build on high end rigs.  Their lower settings are theoretical, and if they are not careful, will not work.

    This feels more like the game I wanted Age of Conan to be from the start.

    Pardon any spelling errors
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    As if it could exist, without being payed for.
    F2P means you get what you paid for. Pay nothing, get nothing.
    Even telemarketers wouldn't think that.

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    Kyleran said:
    Kyleran said:
    ste2000 said:

    ste2000 said:
    An Early Access game should be a complete functional game almost fully polished, not an Alpha version of the game.
    I don't care about the definition, I know what EA games are.
    You missed my "should" apparently.

    That's a definition that Steam pulled out of its arse, because before Early Access meant a few weeks Head Start (which is what it should be), they basically hijacked the definition and turned the EA into this pile of BS.

    Anyway, just because it is a well accepted (and convenient) business model within the industry, it doesn't make it right, and although I am not an expert I suspect that it is not even legal.
    But as no one ever challenged this business model yet, companies are free to exploit it to the full.

    They should call most of those games for what they are, Alpha Access or Beta Access, but I bet if they use this definition they won't get as many sales.

    Steam defines EA in a manner that lets them sell sh!t and make money off of it.

    One reason I don't buy from Steam.
    Well good for you...the fact is steam could care less what you or a few others on site like this think.  You are clearly not their audience and clearly in the minority when it comes to gaming TODAY.  At least those like you have a safe space here at mmorpg to complain everyday about video games. 
    LOL, welcome to my house
    Pretty sad you are so happy and think you are somehow cool by complaining about video games all day every day in your little safe space. 

    When you sit as high up on the horse as I do, no need to worry about being cool. :p

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    If it didnt have dongs and tacos it would be a negative rating.
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    Forgrimm said:
    Well good for you...the fact is steam could care less what you or a few others on site like this think.  You are clearly not their audience and clearly in the minority when it comes to gaming TODAY.  At least those like you have a safe space here at mmorpg to complain everyday about video games. 
    If they "could care less" that means that they care somewhat...
    Forgrimm.... THANK YOU.. one of my pet peeves.

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