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  • DragnelusDragnelus Member EpicPosts: 3,281
    edited February 2017

    Admann said:

    250 dp/ap is pretty crazy, though.  You can probably get to Sausans in like 3 days after starting the game, then stay there for a year before there's a substantially better grind spot. 

    I never understood this mentality. There are plenty of better or alternative grind spots to Sausans/Pirates. I just recently grinded a new character to reroll my class and only spent a little over an hour at Sausans, then just a few hours at Pirates before getting my level 56 awakening and switching over to Desert Fogans. Total time to work up to that for a new player would probably only be a week of playing, while still finding time to do quests and lifeskills. I usually avoid Pirates so I don't have to take a 25 minute boat ride every time I find some free time to grind, then deal with a huge amount of people fighting over a couple spots. Depending on what flavor you're looking for there's also Gahaz, Cadry, Sulfur Mines, Basilisks, and Crescents. The only ones that are locked behind a pretty steep gear/level wall are Pila Ku, Aakman, and Hysteria.

    I just hitted a fresh lvl 56, tried pirates before that I putted a rent box on Lemma Island and an alt on iliya.

    Exp is great and making around 15+ mil an hour and when afk fishing had 4 mil in an hour and im apprentice 5.

  • CoolmerCoolmer Member UncommonPosts: 13
    I left this game last September and i dot think Margoria will bring me back, grind grind grind for more PVE grind? That is all? So end game is grind for more AP so u can grind in next area, so u do same shit rotations on same ridiculous trash mobs, too boring and without purpose.
    There is no PVP either. Karma system is what makes me personally away, i would like some open PVP content/area, instead only of once day or less node wars and castle shit without RAID options only 50 headless parties, too boring and too stupid. Imo on PVE and PVP scale score is 1/10.
    There is nothing except nice graphics, cooking and fishing whole day.
  • NERVergoproxyNERVergoproxy Member UncommonPosts: 1,500
    Really looking forward to starting this. Hopefully my PC will be ok.
  • ChaserzChaserz Member UncommonPosts: 258
    I have played, tried, or beta'd just about every mainstream MMO since EQ1. I bought BDO and in In 3 hours it was uninstalled. Not dissing the game. Just wish it had appealed to me. :(
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