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The Modern Mmorpg

GravebladeGraveblade Member UncommonPosts: 494
edited January 2017 in The Pub at MMORPG.COM
We need a good AAA quality western mmorpg please game companies! Look at how old all the more popular mmorpg's are such as WoW and FFXIV... Technology has moved on quite a bit. These games are great and all... BDO is good for what it is too as a more modern mmo, ofc originally a korean mmo, however it has many problems too which alienate people such as the strong rng elements, the linear and hand holdy nature, and the engines crazy bad pop-in (it certainly looks very nice when stationairy though!). The last AAA I can think of was ESO, but that one didn't grasp me like some of the older mmorpg's... Too linear and too hand holdy.

Games like EQ, EQ2 and Daoc, were almost more like sandbox games with crafted worlds and class leveling features rather than the usual sandbox skill systems. I think one of the main points though, is that the areas you could go to level and progress in were not so obvious in the older mmorpg's. It simply wasn't such a linear and blatant path toward engame. You were required to adventure and look for areas that would be advantageous for your progression, rather than only having to rely on the troden linear path.

So quests were not required for progression, the grinding spots for progression were not so obviously placed in the gameworld either, and adventuring was actually required to find all these spots dotted around the game world for faster and better progression, including both solo and group spots.

We need a crafted world with large scope, an adventure... It seems only the single player rpg's capture this nowadays. We need more than just quest markers, dungeon finders, server wide auction houses and linear leveling progression. The amusing thing is... When I say more, I actually mean less. These features do not, in my opinion, actually enhance gameplay experience, they merely speed progression up or are there for convenience, well convenience definitely does not necessarily equal a better experience, it takes away from the reward.

Pantheon looks like maybe it fits the bill, but perhaps not AAA quality? I hope a company creates such a product soon, someone needs a kick up the ass. If done well I think it can certainly be succesful, but requires something a little special, someone with a good imagination, money, and a good team to turn it into reality.
Started playing mmorpg's in 1996 and have been hooked ever since. It began with The Kingdom of Drakkar, Ultima Online, Everquest, DAoC, WoW...
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