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mistmakermistmaker Member UncommonPosts: 321
from all the exisiting and upcoming games, which would fit my interest most?

my first MMORPG was AO, my second SWG, my third, AoC, my fourth SWTor. In between i tried out and played a bit: WoW, Vanguard, City of Heroes, Warhammer Online, ESO, TSW, Archeage, Black Desert, Wildstar, Rift, guild wars 1 and 2, and Age of Wushu

what i want:

- open world (not on rails like swtor) if possible without loading Screens.
- i prefer sandbox over themepark/quest-hub games. But it can be a hybrid like AO has been.
- i am not a crafter per se, but SWG crafting and ressource system was very good. So SWG like crafting welcomed.
- Player interaction. Most games out currently are played like single player games with other people around. I like staying around in a group for more than 1hour doing quests/missions together and chatting around, having a funny time together.
- i like open world PvP
- combat: whatever, but not like black desert. I liked the combat in AoC
- Terrain: movement skills in Age of Wushu were very funny

i would like SWG 2.0 if i could choose, with new graphics, up to date combat and age of wushus movement and terrain :-)

but there will not be SWG 2.0

what would come close to my list?


  • blamo2000blamo2000 Member RarePosts: 1,130
    There are a couple games for you coming up.  The first would be Divergent Online (a SWG clone) and the secondf would be Repopulation which will be released later since they had to switch engines, which is also a SWG clone.
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