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two problems i see here

WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,137
1 :..Opinions:It appears that this site tries to change the very definition of opinion to meet whatever agenda they are after.
I will use an example...When a poster asks a question and you answer it,it is an opinion,it does not matter one iota if this is YOUR site or Craig's site or whomever's,you NEVER have any authority of any kind to judge that person's opinion as long it stays within LAW.You can make what ever rules you or anyone likes "within law" but changing the very definition of an opinion is not one you ever have the right to do.

I am talking about constantly calling people trolls,which btw is a VERY immature stance by ANY adult to ever take " i NEVER use the term",yet this site is constantly doing it "sent out by this site's CM" along with MANY posters.If you cannot find a better way to convey a message without using the term TROLL ,then you need to mature as a person/adult.Point being,quit taking people's opinions and calling them trolls,it is not anyone's right EVER and makes this site and the community manager look bad for supporting such a lame agenda.There are better ways to communicate like an adult.

2 I have noticed often this site likes to close people's threads "not mine as i make very few".What i have noticed is this site is always putting THEIR thread as the only one allowed to remain ,telling people to keep all comments in that one thread.Well the problem i see here is are forums not meant to be for the USER's?This site has an agenda that when it creates a news article,it is obviously for click bait's /advertising/promotion.User's have a totally different agenda when they create a thread and it is for discussion where we all take part.

You know who creates MOST of this sites threads?.....SYSTEM !! So how passionate about discussion is this site when it is posted by system?
"SYSTEM" doesn't care one bit about what it is posting or to even discuss a single idea in the article.
Point being,if you want to create click bait articles with an agenda to promote that game for possible kickback or some other monetary gain that is your priority as a business,but leave the user experience alone,all people want to do is discuss gaming without being told to use this site's agenda oriented threads.

BTW don't take me as some angry old fart or something as i am almost never angry in life.I do however get frustrated when i see things or ideals that are just morally wrong and feel the need to state so.Maybe i ask too much but i simply want a better site here and without any hidden agenda's,forthright  and honest is all i ever ask.

Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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