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G'buy to greedy and incompetent Nexon US, but....

yucklawyersyucklawyers Member UncommonPosts: 231
So happy to be rid of Nexon US.

But rushed home to log in to Valofe's version for the first time, they screwed it up, lol :). 16 hour maintenance, simple patch doesn't work and full client download blocked. Nobody playing.

Goodbye old incompetents, hello new incompetents, lol :).

Oh well, first cockup before the games even open doesn't bode well, but I'm gonna give them this one as a freebie...


  • yucklawyersyucklawyers Member UncommonPosts: 231

    The promise: 550 atlas for transferring your characters to the new publisher.

    What's given: 300 atlas, but only if you are online at exactly 5pm GMT (I.E. 30 mins before the majority of Brits get home from work). For three days, so 100 atlas a time.

    So disappointed we got another bunch of scammers running the game.

  • SmashixSmashix Member UncommonPosts: 91
    VALOFE does appear to be a bit clueless and is bad at communicating, but there are signs that they are listening to players. For example, they mailed every single character over level 50 a Colorful Soul Stone (CSS). CSS price inflation is something many players, including me, complained about. It was also a bottleneck, since every character needs one to complete the level 120 upgrade quest line. The price has now dropped from an insane 70+ billion to under 3 billion, which makes it reasonable for new players in the 120s to buy.
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