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Group Crafting/Harvesting

One thing I liked about Vanguard was that harvesting nodes in groups was possible (and more rewarding). We had some nice runs just harvesting and chilling out, which lead to exploration and memorable moments.

I know there is not much details on the crafting system yet, but is this something that is considered by the dev team?
If they could even push it a bit more and add some crafting activities that could be more rewarding in a group, that would be pretty nice too!

Groups should not be required mind you, cause those are still activities that people tend to go at more "solo" (while waiting for said group to log in..), but I think that in a group centric game, they should try to push it and make all spheres of activities a little more rewarding when done with others.


  • YudoreYudore Member UncommonPosts: 9
    @blastermaster If it was possible in Vanguard then I don't see why they wouldn't add it to Pantheon. It's no secret that the dev team is trying to take all the good stuff from both EQ1 and Vanguard and put it into this game. I'm all for anything that adds more grouping and so I agree with you. Perhaps a dev can chime in.
  • Riotact007Riotact007 Member UncommonPosts: 246
    I enjoyed mining with friends so much! whilst exploring too.
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