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What do you think they mean by twitch/skill combat control

I've been trying to think about this. But realy what comes to min d is kinda a Zelda/DMC kinda push button slash combos. Personaly that sounds great, might be fun playing with a gamepad. then again theres the problem of people with special gamepads wiht rapid push buttons and such.

I think it would be fu to have but you'd have to be weary of people using sch controls who can pretty much sit there and old down an instant kill button. Well lets hear some other opinions and what you guys think


  • blindcsideblindcside Member Posts: 12

    they mean you will need skills like with first person shooters. being able to react fast, aim quickly, and knowing your surroundings(using footsteps and other stratiegical things) those things will make you bettah.

    and imo this game will be great because AO was good, for just being a grind.

  • WeppsWepps Member Posts: 1,322

    I messed with this idea a year ago. Couldn't get it to work balanced in an MMO.

    The problem they are going to run into is the problem of perspective. People are saying that Funcom intends to make it 'carebear'.

    Twitch combat is hardly that. But the potential playerbase is going to expect 'casual' play if they keep talking like this. They will get into the game, and find themselves beaten by expert FPS veterans every time, get disgruntled and leave. Then, major changes will take place in the combat system, and the other ones will leave, and so on.

    I was watching the movie again just the other day. The thing is, it would really make a great MMO if you've read the books. But if it's implemented as badly as AO was...I don't know, I guess we'll see. But recently I've lost faith in the established big-game producers.



    "For one who seeks what he cannot obtain suffers torture; one who has what is not desirable is cheated; and one who does not seek what is worth seeking is diseased." - Augustine of Hippo

  • blindcsideblindcside Member Posts: 12

    as i understand you don't go online until level 20

  • z80paranoiaz80paranoia Member Posts: 410

    The twitch based control mechanics is what excites me the most about this game.
    I am a max payne/deus ex type of gamer. I love action games.
    But I also love character building and the deeper levels of interaction with the worlds offered by RPGs.
    The thing I hate about traditional RPGs is the fact that misses, hits and blocks are determined by random number crunching rather than my own ability to see, aim, and physically react.

    My ideal game would have stats determine how hard you can hit and how much damage you can take, while your own hand and eye coordination determines whether you block, hit, or dodge successfully.
    Conan sounds like it will be that kind of game. Because some of us action gamers crave a deeper experience within the mechanics of familiar action/twitched play mechanics. These mechanics don't make the game any less mearely opens the genre up to people of a different combat style preference.

    Guild Wars 2 is my religion

  • WeppsWepps Member Posts: 1,322

    If you want to take a good look at a basic twitch combat system as applied to first person horse mounted combat, do a search and download Mount & Blade.

    I enjoy that combat system, but already I'm told that a number of aquaintances of mine wouldn't play it, because it relies to heavily upon the twitch instead of the buttons.

    This is the reason many would be turned-off by the game. The other reason is going to be the vicious nature of the graphics hehe.

    I hope they work it out, but honestly, heads coming off doesn't sell the product to me. The game play does, though, and that remains to be seen how all this talk is implemented.

    I do forsee a much more hardcore player base than in most recent MMOs, like World of Warcraft and Galaxies, but then again catering to those hardcore players will not result in the largest sales around. You have to address the needs of the many, and casual players outnumber the hardcore. If you want both, you have to address the both. More sales = better product, at least in theory hehe.



    "For one who seeks what he cannot obtain suffers torture; one who has what is not desirable is cheated; and one who does not seek what is worth seeking is diseased." - Augustine of Hippo

  • trajan22trajan22 Member Posts: 91

    it's only going to be partially twich-based if i understand it correctly. player level, stats, class and feats will play into it as well as mad button-pushing skillz. combos are also going to be important and players will gain PVP experience of a sort which will allow them to gain extra feats and combos for use in PVP.

    then there will be formations which will also impact combat...

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