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What are you playing (January 2017)



  • jaynpqtxidxjaynpqtxidx Newbie CommonPosts: 3
    edited April 2021
  • TheRedDreadTheRedDread Member UncommonPosts: 156
    I played WoW Shadowlands in the beginning of the year and stopped after two months. Tons of content, but the social aspect of the MMO is a dying breed.
  • HammybiggsHammybiggs Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    Just started Guild Wars 1, yes I know 15 odd years too late, still surprisingly it's good fun
  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,174
    Everquest 1... Vanguard: Saga of Heroes emulator... Conan Exiles... Albion Online... 


    Thinking of revisiting Darkfall, checking out Mortal Online 2, and perhaps trying a new game altogether.

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  • Z3R01Z3R01 Member UncommonPosts: 2,425

    Playing: Final Fantasy XIV Online 

    Hyped for: New World & Ashes of Creation 

  • DattelisDattelis Member RarePosts: 545
    edited September 2021
    I was wondering if we could revive this thread, instead of making a new one.
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