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What are you playing (January 2017)



  • GutlardGutlard Member RarePosts: 446
    Playing modded Skyrim on PC, maybe 10-15 hours per week if I'm lucky!

    I usually roll a Wood Elf Ranger-type, so have one of those.

    Also, rolled a High Elf Mage, Orc 2H Warrior & Khajiit Assassin, and like them all for their own reasons. They all have backup rolls just in case, but these are their main rolls.

    Gut Out!

    What, me worry?

  • GatlanGatlan Member UncommonPosts: 137
    Back to Wow. Just finished Far Cry:Primal. Never played a Far Cry before but Primal was brilliant. I hear its similar to all the others so I'm glad it was my first. Going to hit FO76 in October regardless of my Wow status.
  • ArtRrCArtRrC Member CommonPosts: 4

    Dear friends, 

    Art-RSC is a server made for the purpose of having a fun time togather, for some of us it's a place where to forget about all the hardships of life and bring back some of the childhood moments when we did not care about anything but for others can be a place where to start their gaming adventure. 

    Server will be balanced skilling & pking. We have full working Slayer skill, runecrafting was merged with crafting, new herbs look, new woods look, and some more new items look and soon we will release 3 new city islands. Server will be released in chapter and first chapter will allow players to reach max level 50 in all skills !



    Join now to start your adventure game ! See you on discord channel and tomorrow on the game ! 

  • xidbmixidbmi Member CommonPosts: 7
    edited August 2018
    Playing emulated FFXI nothing like it. So much group content and open world with notorious monsters to hunt with others. If anyone wants to join on a fresh server join us here:
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    Join us on Lastbossxi for focus on group play and community:
  • io-gamesio-games Member CommonPosts: 1
    I am playing only io games from 2015 
  • pedekurkpedekurk Member CommonPosts: 3
    edited August 2018
    i play legends of aria, it's a sandbox mmo in early development.
  • xidbmixidbmi Member CommonPosts: 7
    FFXI fresh server:
    if you like grouping hardcore games this is it 
    Join us on Lastbossxi for focus on group play and community:
  • GaladournGaladourn Member RarePosts: 1,659
    Nothing, but i really miss immersing myself in a game - any game.

  • james27james27 Member CommonPosts: 1
    I've been playing Neverwinter for almost 2 months now. I don't know why but it is super addicting :astonished:
  • xLoveless1102xLoveless1102 Member UncommonPosts: 36
    edited August 2018
    I am currently playing Black Desert Online SEA. It's a fun game to play with lots of features. Try to check it out.
    A game will only END if you on STOP playing it...
  • StarGazingTVStarGazingTV Member CommonPosts: 1
    Entropia Universe on my stream  @
  • madazzmadazz Member RarePosts: 1,945
    pedekurk said:
    i play legends of aria, it's a sandbox mmo in early development.
    Considering it launches in about a month, I would say its in later development, nearly complete or just testing.
  • JunebugircJunebugirc Member CommonPosts: 6
    Can't remember what I was playing in January of 2017 when this thread was originally created(nice to see it still alive and popping). Right now I'm playing Anthem on ps4. If you haven't played it, I suggest getting it.. because June told you so!!!  :D
  • LinkLink617LinkLink617 Member CommonPosts: 1
    I will soon be playing this new game being released in 5 days :)

    Only 5 days until the game exits beta testing and is open on full release to the public, come join the discord group to check out the new upcoming mmorpg game view the development log channel and see what to expect, the game will be ongoing and updated frequently to allow more and more to do. Come be one of the first to join and get into the hall of fame in this F2P game.

    I cant wait for the release :) counting down the days
  • glowenglowen Member CommonPosts: 6
    Trying to beat the last bosses for Hollow Knight, i've been stuck for the past week, i don't play much, to not get stressed too much from the same dying. 
  • TaserHawksTaserHawks Member CommonPosts: 1
    A game a used to play as a kid just opened through a private server. I hope some of you will take a look at it and join as they need help getting it started. It's called Legend of Edda. Look forward to seeing some of you guys ig!
  • MikeR2MikeR2 Member CommonPosts: 2
    UWO.  Uncharted Waters Online. Its been around for a long time, but I love Uncharted Waters.  It is the only game I play, and will keep playing for as long as it exists.  Lots of great players to help you if you get lost or need help.

  • skr1107skr1107 Member CommonPosts: 2
    edited September 2018
    New Spiderman on my PS4 :) and GTA 3 on Mobile
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  • ServingSizeServingSize Member CommonPosts: 14
    Currently playing 12 Sky 2 : Rise of the Sky Clan, but i'll stop playing this game as soon as the 12 Sky 2 : The Limitless goes open :blush:

    I'm pretty excited to start all over with all the players joining in the new 12 sky 2 at the same time :blush:
  • harpreet12harpreet12 Member CommonPosts: 1
    jivan men arthik samasyaon ke nidan hetu tatha lakshmi ki kripa prapti ke uddeshya se prayog kiye jane vale totkon men kuch mahatvapurn lakshmi prapti ke totke
  • TweFojuTweFoju Member UncommonPosts: 1,158
    I am surprsed by myself to be back playing Wakfu, it's the only game that i miss over time playing over and over, mainly because i have been an isometric MMO lover for the longest period of my MMO career, and two of them being Rangarok Online and The Great Merchant Online / Xian Online.

    And then because i used to loveee Bastion art so much

    So What Now?

  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Member EpicPosts: 2,744
    I am loving my second play through of Massive Chalice, Hard Iron mode naturally.  I hope to see this game rise right to the top of my most-played-on-Steam list.  It's as engaging as a good novel (not praise I apply casually).

    Of course I still play that other game which is in my signature.  I've been tinkering with some alts, recently.  It's interesting seeing how one's character reputation affects the experience.

    "The simple is the seal of the true and beauty is the splendor of truth" -Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
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  • NeoyoshiNeoyoshi Member UncommonPosts: 110

  • IwayloIwaylo Member UncommonPosts: 174
    Blade and Soul, The game is still doing well tbh plenty of people and active discord servers.
  • sophiaandradesophiaandrade Member CommonPosts: 1
    I recommend you guys to visit this website. It has alot of online games that you might wanna to play.
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