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$800 Build Help

Truvidien88Truvidien88 Member UncommonPosts: 362

Awhile back I posted about looking into upgrading my computer and now I'm at the point where my girlfriend's computer simply is just dying. She's had it for years now and it'll randomly turn itself off and we're struggling with it to reboot back up and we're just tired of it. She said I should just go ahead and build one for me and I'll just give her mine.  Which I don't mind since we live together.  Anyways..  I've been running through and trying to get within budget and I seem to be failing at this very well. 

I'm looking to order all the parts from Newegg. With a budget of $800  not trying to go over it.  Games I mostly play is just League and WoW. Not looking to get into anything that is really computer intensive. Maybe future MMO's down the road.  This build will need to include a operating system as well. Using a 1080p monitor. What I'm wanting is to play games on high/max settings. If anyone could help I would be more than thankful! 


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